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Personalise your bedroom

The most lovely place in my home is my bedroom, I love to have it in a different and an artistic way and here are some of the inspirations with which i made my dream come true. See these wonderful bedrooms you will really love it.

The first and foremost important thing you should consider is the bed's size. It really have to be large enough for you to stretch out an turn over easily. You cannot expect you to be still when you sleep. In fact , out body changes position five to ten times per hour, to keep blood flowing to those parts of the body that come under pressure from lying in one position, naturally. So it doesn't make sense for you to keep a small bed.

Next, to consider is the mattress, there are wide range of mattresses available in the market for you to choose, and you can very well decide the opt right choice by you is the one where you notice only how comfortable you are. If you feel it too short or stone like its not the right choice. Experts say when you lie in the bed you should feel as though you are lying in the b ed, not lying on top of it or sinking right in it. That way you should feet the right support necessary for a good night 's sleep. Take some time to choose the mattress on the store lie down on it for some time the way you normally do.

Next you have see the room, make sure the room is dark and cool enough. You can use good widow blinders or curtains to make your room dark, or if you prefer style of window allows it may be worth installing with shutters that helps even to keep the heat away. We can also look into the lot of cooling options available in the market, but don't forget installing these options you should be ready to bear the noise, and the energy efficiency matters.

When it comes to decorating and furnishing the space, there are plenty of things you can do to indulge and quieten the senses, softly harmonising colours, sound absorbing surfaces and well planned storage nearly always seem to feature in the best bedroom schemes, and with good reason.

When you step into your bedroom don't forget to switch off your mobiles, and unplug your laptop, but sometimes its good to keep a soft music running low with a timer set.

And, the most important rule you should never forget to have a heavenly nap is "NEVER BRING THE WORLD OF WORK INSIDE YOUR BEDROOM".

Personalise your bedroom

Bedrooms hold a very special place in a home they are special because they are perhaps the only spaces you can call your very own. So why not personalize them rather it becomes very much needy. Here is some good ideas on how

Color is the key

choose a theme and stick to it. for example if your bed is equipped with fine cotton or satin sheets, don't use a bedspread that has modern art motifs all over it. Use lace instead, combinations are important here and that is the catch word, you should never forget.

Choose the colors that remind you of the things you love most, for example if you love sea choose shades of aqua. If sunsets are your favorite, deep oranges, rusts and yellow would be colors to pick. Like wise choose according to your love and combine.

You can use bright colors, which not only look attractive but also have the ability to brighten a room.


Your room should not only be clean but should also smell nice. Wonderfully inviting fragrance is a great way to start creating a special space where you can go to escape, choose scented candles in your favorites fragrances. Vanilla is always relaxing and the smell of sandalwood is alluring and so on. You can also use incense which come in a million wonderful fragrances, and also alternatively you can also use a nice air room freshener.

Soft and cuddly

Your bedroom is a place where you should feel the most comfortable and you should be able to cuddle up to your pillow or sink your feet into a soft, thick piled rug.

Clear the clutter

Nothing kills a good mood like waling into a cluttered room, your special place should be clutter free. It should always be neat, clean and inviting.

If you like to keep some furniture you can keep according to your choice, to have some thing trendy or antique and have a partiality for glass.

As soon as someone else enters your bedroom they should be able to realize it's totally yours alone. Fill it with the things you love, whether you like to surround yourself with green plants or have zillion photos of your loved ones around you, surround yourself with the things that make you feel happy.

7 Tips for a great night's sleep

Now after making up such a wonderful bedroom and you are not getting what you want to get ;-) ?

1.A pillow that is so soft and provides neck support will help you to sleep better.

2.The ideal temperature for a bedroom is between 16 -18 degree, you can also choose your own choice.

3.Keep a rough standard time, the same hours fro going to bed and getting up each day. This establishes a routine for your body to follow.

4.Avoid activities that involve mental or physical stress before bedtime.

5.If you can't sleep, get up and do something relaxing, lying in bed will just make you anxious about not sleeping.

6.Don't eat a large meal before bedtime because the digestion process can keep you awake, on the same time going to bed hungry isn't a good idea either.

7.Alcohol and nicotine can also affect your sleep patterns. All the researches for all those years shown you sleep less deeply when these are present in the blood stream.

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Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 8 years ago from India

very nice rooms.. but why all the rooms are empty.. nobody live there?

eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

That's why they are beutiful!;-)

David Hebert 8 years ago

The rooms are looking very nice. I am very much inspired by the grand decoration. I would like to decorate my own bedroom like that. Thank you for sharing your collection & nice article.

Fred Brod 8 years ago

Wow! The beautiful beds and amazing decoration. I think, everything in the bedroom is decorated very artistically. I really inspired with the highly decorated bedrooms. Very good job. Thanks!

michell 7 years ago

nice bed rooms


Morris Streak profile image

Morris Streak 7 years ago from UK

These inspirations you have for arranging your bedroom are lovely - generous with space, minimal with furniture, motif-driven, laced with accents, and they all look quite comfortable. Good stuff you have here.

Sleep number bed reviews 5 years ago

wow! This looks just amazing.

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