Bed Bugs-Yuck!


The bedbugs are coming to the Midwest, according to a Fox News article, "Where Does your City Rank When it Comes to Bedbugs?" Bedbugs are spreading across the country as we speak. The data that Fox News used was gathered from Terminix one of the major pest control companies in America.

Bed bugs are already a serious problem in the United States, especially in densely populated areas like New York City. Bed bugs can be spread from home to home by hitching a ride on someone or someone's stuff. Bedbugs hide well and are small enough to usually go unnoticed.

Bed bugs are the size of a mustard seed or about 1-2mm long. Adults bedbugs can live up to a year without feeding (human blood is their main diet).

So does the data in this article suggest that we all will have to deal with bed bugs in our home sometime soon? Most likely not. Following two basic steps in prevention will help you not to have bedbugs invade your home anytime soon.

Avoid Buying Used Furniture

Avoid buying used furniture. You never know where these have been. If money is the issue and you must buy a used piece, then do a proper inspection before buying. Places to look on mattresses are on the seams on the sides of the bed. If you see any small reddish-brown splotches in the seams, do not buy it. That is a good sign of old infestation. As stated before, bed bugs can live up to a year without food and they may be hiding inside the mattress itself.

Be forewarned, sometimes it is smarter to buy new mattresses to begin with. The price of bed bug treatments can cost up to $2,500 total. Depending on how many beds and how many rooms there are. So would you rather only pay $600-800 for a mattress or $100 for a used mattress infested with bed bugs?

Be Careful When Staying at a Hotel

Hotels are one reason why bed bugs are spreading so quickly. Bed bugs hitch a ride on an unsuspecting person or his/her luggage into a hotel room. Bedbugs love hotel rooms because they are a perfect place to catch a meal on an unsuspecting person. Bedbugs are also more than willing to catch a ride with you after your stay in a hotel room back to your home.

When staying in at a hotel you should do your own inspection before you lay in the bed. Just do a quick search near the seams to look for the bugs or reddish-brown splotches. If you find them, ask to be moved to a different room and tell the manager immediately.

You should also keep your luggage far away from the beds and usually on top of something. When pest control operators visiting Chicago for a major pest control conference last year where asked where they put their luggage they almost unanimously said they put it on the luggage rack in the bath tub to be sure they did not take any bedbugs with them.

Bedbugs in Your Home

The first thing you should do if you find bed bugs in your home is to call a professional immediately. The faster you get the problem under control the better chance of eliminating it and containing it to one room only.

*Professional treatment is the best way to eliminate the problem. Home remedies and store bought chemicals usually aren't strong enough to eliminate bedbugs and can be dangerous if not used properly.

The next thing you need to do is clean your room. Pick up any loose clothing off the floor and clean them with heavy detergent. Bed bugs can live within five feet of the bed, so they are not just limited to the mattress. They can just as easily live in cracks in the walls or loose clothing on the floor.

The one thing you do not want to do is start sleeping in a different room. Doing this will increase the chance of spreading it to another room. Thus making it even more expensive for you to eliminate. Bed bugs do not spread diseases, although their bites may cause a little rash it is not that dangerous

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