Bed Linens

There are a tremendous variety of bed linens available, and it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you should buy.  There are certain considerations to keep in mind when buying linen, which will help you to determine more exactly what best suits your needs.

The three main points that I pay special attention to when making a purchase are; cost, season and care. For example during winter, and winters do get quite cold where I live, I love to snuggle in between flannel sheets. Flannel sheets are natural, usually made from cotton, wool or a combination of both. They are not only extremely comfortable to sleep between, but they help to keep you warm and are much better for you and less irritating than some other type of linen-especially linen made from polyester or part polyester.  If you, or your child has skin problems, try organic flannel sheets as they are made from organically grown cotton!

When the temperatures begin to rise, however, I usually switch to cotton bedding.  While some people are quite happy with a polyester-cotton blend, I try to avoid it.  When you think about the amount of hours you spend between the sheets, it makes sense that you try to choose sheets that are made from material that is healthy for your skin.  Cotton is also great as far as allowing your skin to breathe normally while you sleep, whereas Polyester tends to keep perspiration on your body.

 Cotton, and flannel sheets are usually quite a bit more expensive than the polyester blend sheets however. So, if you are shopping on a tight budget you may need to purchase bed linens made from a blend of polyester and cotton. I would not purchase all polyester or synthetic sheets.  Even though they may be cheap, it is not worth it. If you do not have a lot of money to invest in your linens, you could still get cotton linen at a reasonable price by going for a simple pattern.  If you are really in a pinch, believe it or not it is possible to buy cotton material--look for material that is very wide--and sew your own sheets. I have done it, and providing you can find material that is of a sufficient width, it is very simple to make your own.

Another thing that is very important for me is how easy the linen is to care for. While satin sheets may be lovely to sleep on, they are not lovely to wash and dry!  Again, go for material that does not shrink, colors that do not run, and material that is easy to care for.


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