Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units during Extreme Weather Conditions

There are times when having some extra storage space may be necessary, but the items to be stored could be damaged if subjected to extreme weather conditions. Consider that most storage units are manufactured out of metal and in hot weather will become extremely hot during warm weather and in the winter they will be extremely cold inside. Additionally, humidity inside most units will also be as high as the outside environment.

There are three things to consider when trying deciding whether or not you need a climate controlled storage unit:
1. The weather in your area
2. The type of items you plan to store
3. The value of the items you will be storing

Typically, climate controlled units should not fall below freezing in the winter and should not go above about 90-degrees in the summer. Depending on what you plan to place in the storage unit air conditioning may be an option as well. Especially if you are planning to store articles such as paper documents, leather goods and clothing. These are only a few of the items that can be damaged by humidity and extreme temperature changes.

Following that, the types of items than should be protected from extreme temperature changes will include:

  1. Paintings and other types of art
  2. Recorded media such as vinyl records
  3. Electronic devices such as televisions and stereos
  4. Craft supplies
  5. Business forms and documents
  6. Tools that are subject to rust

You may also want to consider how it will be working within the storage units if you will need to add or remove items frequently. In extremely cold weather working in the storage facility can require the use of a coat and gloves, which will make working there more difficult. In exceptionally hot weather the opposite will be true. Working in a climate controlled facility will make it better for you or your employees.

How much the items you will be storing are worth is something else to consider. Items such as business or personal documentation may not have much financial value, but consider what it may cost to replicate those items and how much it could cost you if they are lost forever. Items that have sentimental value could also become damaged and most of this type of merchandise could be considered irreplaceable.

When considering contracting with climate controlled storage units be sure to ask about the temperature range as well as the humidity level that will be maintained. Ideally, a temperature between 55 and 80 degrees will be sufficient for most items and central air conditioning is ideal to protect your items from humidity damage. Some units may control the temperature by using individual heaters and air conditioning units in each storage compartment, but central air and heat will provide the most consistent control.

You should also consider the environment provided by enclosed storage units and protection they provide against dirt and dust and how well the facility can stand up to flooding. Also ask about insurance and if your belongings are not covered by the unit owner, talk to your insurance company to ensure you are covered in event of fire, flood, theft or natural disaster.

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