Best Colors for Kitchens

Try purple walls in your kitchen!
Try purple walls in your kitchen!
Calming green kitchen.
Calming green kitchen.

The kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in your home. Looking for the best color for the kitchen doesn't have to be a challenge. The best colors for kitchens are inviting, pleasing to the eye, reflect your personality and are easy to maintain.

Yellow is a cheery color for your kitchen. Depending on the type of yellow you choose, your kitchen with be cool and bright or warm and welcoming. Lighter tones of yellow tend to be on the cooler side of the color spectrum, while warm tones of yellow with undertones of red or brown feel more inviting. Bright yellow shades may overwhelm the room. If you happen to like bright yellow, consider featuring it on just one wall to create a focal point. Most yellows pair well with blue, green and even red accents.

Purple is a different and fun color for your kitchen. With so many varieties of purple, you might opt to bring home paint chip sample cards to test out the shade in your kitchen. A pale lavender color blends well with deeper purples, while dark purples balance well with crisp white accents. All shades of purple go well with green colors, think of mixing an eggplant color with olive green for example.

The color white is a classic when it comes to decorating your kitchen. It simply goes with everything. White pairs especially well with black accents. Bright white kitchen cabinets combined with a black granite countertop and checkerboard tiled floors is a great, classic look for a kitchen. Add some accents with bright green or red, and your kitchen will look amazing. Warmed up white tones like cream and eggshell color pair well with peach, brown or burgundy.

Nothing pops out color-wise as much as the color red. This bold, bright color works better in small amounts and may be suited as an accent for accessories only, or you may choose to paint the walls between your countertop and lower cabinets a bright red. Toned-down shades of red, such as maroon or burgundy can be used more extensively in a kitchen. The color red is also thought to be an appetite stimulant, so keep this in mind when choosing this color for your kitchen.

Green is one of the more popular color choices for kitchen color. Green evokes the feeling of outdoors, and is fresh and clean. Pleasing shades of green might be similar to your favorite foods, such as peas, cucumbers or limes. Green may also be more subdued and subtle, with brown or grey undertones. Green is complemented by cream, peach, purples and black.

Visit your local paint store or home improvement center to find the perfect paint color for your kitchen. Most stores will sell you a small testing sample of paint to take home with you. This way you can test out the paint before you make a major color commitment.

If you are not inclined to paint your kitchen, and have a neutral backdrop like white or beige, the simple of addition of colored accessories like kitchen towels, dinnerware, seat cushions and curtains in your favorite color can easily and inexpensively, change the look of your kitchen.

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