Best Designer Interior Wall Colors

Soft Yellow Bedroom
Soft Yellow Bedroom
Example of sage green tones.
Example of sage green tones.
Clay Beige Towels
Clay Beige Towels

When it comes time to paint that room, choosing a new color can be frustrating. Even though it is just a few cans of paint, picking the perfect interior color may be a challenge. Most designers agree that there are a few universally popular interior colors that work well in just about any home.

Before actually painting your interiors, take home a few paint samples; often retailers will sell you very small samples to try out the colors at home. These are usually no more than $3-5 dollars each. At the very least use the paint chip sample cards to see how the colors will look in your home. Experiment with the placement of the samples, use some in natural light areas, and other samples in artificially lit areas. This will give you a good idea of how the paint will look throughout the room. It also helps to check the color of the paint during different times of the day, as light and dark will affect the way the color looks.

While gray may seem like a dull and dreary color, it is actually a good choice for many interiors. A light shade of gray helps to reflect light into a space, and pairs especially well with white trim and peacock shades of blue. A gray shade of paint used in a bedroom has a calming effect while gray in a living or family room will create a look of casual elegance.

Clay beige is a go to color that is both neutral and warm or cool depending on the colors that are paired with it. White trim with red accents look great with a clay beige, while black trim and silver accents create a sophisticated feel. Think of a lightened up khaki color and apply to walls for an elegant look. Benamin Moore has a beautiful clay beige that works well in many decors.

Subtle yellows that are not overly bright or cheerful are good choices for interior paint. Look for yellows with more depth, and a golden tone. Undertones of green in soft yellows give balance and provide a soothing touch without being too dramatic. Muted hues of yellow will help to brighten a room, and work well with almost any style of furniture.

Soft sage green tones work well in casual, contemporary homes. Look for green with a bit of brown or gray added, giving it a somewhat "grubby" look. Grayed down greens pair well with navy furnishings, red accents and pop with the addition of white trim. Green tones that are muddied up a little create a classic, understated look that will last for years to come.

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