Best Tools for 2015 - Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

t's no secret that most men love to have a tool in one hand and a drink in the other while they take care of all the home improvement and handyman issues in your home. My Dad was certainly no different. Coming home from working his desk job as an engineer at Ford, he'd spend time each night maintaining the house that he loved for the people that he loved.

This was his way of winding down from the long hours of sitting down at work. Now he maintains several rental properties that they've picked up along the way in addition to the home I grew up in. What better way to show my appreciation for him then buying him a new tool that can save him time and money over the long haul.

After reading many reviews from consumers, professionals, and after trying out some new tools over the last few months I've come up with a list of the best new tools for 2015.

Cooper Might-D-Light

Cooper Lighting Might-D-Light

The first new tool I had to get for myself this year was the Might-D-Light by Cooper. No more holding my flashlight with my teeth! The 80 LED lights in it never have to be replaced. As shown in the picture to the right it has two integrated rare neodymium magnets that secure to most metals. This light really helps light up the area in awkward situations I get myself in sometime. One place I especially found it useful was when I am trying to work under a sink. The way it folds from 0 to 200 degrees makes it the perfect light for any tight situation.

What consumers are saying:

"Super Bright" and "One of the best tool purchases I have ever made". After reading through consumer reviews, this portable lightweight light has made many consumer's jobs easier. Whether you work in a cramped crawl space or need a light when you go camping, this rechargeable light is perfect for anywhere you go.

How long do consumers say the light lasts on a charge? 5-6 hours.

Amazon Rating? - Out of 25 consumers that have reviewed this new tool on amazon 20 of them give it 5 stars.

Top Tool's 500 Cordless Ultra Precision Screwdriver

This cordless power precision screwdriver from General is as small as a pen but has a 100+RPM motor with forward and reverse controls. It is ideal for working on computers, electronics, or office equipment. If you still use your hands to turn those tiny computer screws, then this can save you some serious time. It's powered by AAA batteries and runs for 10 hours. Also includes a quick-change chuck for effortless swapping between bits. Comes with 6 bits.

*Purchasing Tip: For additional bits consider the featured 32 piece bit set from Maxtech.

What Consumers are saying:

This "screwdriver has no problem taking the screws off the back of my computer", "You grip it like holding a pen. Because it's a small diameter device, you can hold it and easily "target" the screw you are working with", and "great design and pleasure to use."

Amazon Rating?

Out of 8 Reviews on Amazon, 4 gave it 5 stars. Those who did not rate it 5 stars mentioned that the their other bits don't work with this particular screwdriver, but that overall it worked well on what it was designed for.

Best Pocket Driver Tool

Bosch PS21-2A 12-Volt Max Pocket Driver - This amazing tool from Bosch weighs only 1.8 pounds and has twice the torque of the competition at this level (265 pounds). The short height and head make this ideal for working in cramped quarters and and the included LED light helps you to get through low light spots and situations.

What's in the box? Comes with 2 12 volt lithium ion batteries, a 30 minute charger, and carrying case.

What consumers are saying: "This sub-compact drill has handled everything I've asked it to do without protest", "The longer I own this tool the more impressed I am with it. Used it the other day to hang doors and install dead bolts. There are 3" (3.5" maybe) bolts used to secure the strike plate to the frame, and this little beast drove 6 of them in (no pilot hole) without protest along with the dozens of other smaller screws involved", and "gets into small areas where I could never get to before (such as between studs)."

Amazon Rating - Out of 16 customer reviews on amazon, 8 give it 5 stars (6 4 stars) for an overall rating of 4.5 stars/5.

See The Bosch PS21 in Action

DEWALT DWMTC15 15-Pc. Magnetic Tough Case

This great magnetic tough case from Dewalt is perfect for any situation where you need to use multiple bits. Two high strength magnets allow you to fix it to any ferrous surface, while built in hooks allow this case to be hung anywhere. Since it also fits in your tool belt you can carry it with you anywhere you need to go.

What's in the box? - 15 piece bit sets assorted with flathead, Phillips, square drive, star-driver, and three common hex head bits. 

Dremel 6800-01 Trio Rotary Tool Kit
Dremel 6800-01 Trio Rotary Tool Kit

As much as $170 at other sites!


Best Circular Saw Tool

Craftsman NEXTEC Circular Saw - This amazing new circular saw was recently featured and won an editor's choice award in popular mechanics.

This Nextec circular saw from Cratsman features an amazing 2400 RPM for cutting, ripping, or plunging through plastics, soft/hard wood, or laminates. The quick release depth control allows for easy blade adjustments while an integrated LED work light allows for increased visibility. An electric brake stops blade rotation quickly when the trigger is released. Besides all of this it only weighs 3.8 pounds so it should be very simple to carry. Comes with a 3-3/8 inch blade and is powered by a 12-volt, 1.3-amp-hour lithium-ion battery.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately understanding the types of jobs that your Dad likes to do as well as the tools he needs is the best way to make sure you get him something he likes this Christmas. Have a suggestion? Use the open discussion area to connect with us below.

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New Tool Discussion Area 2 comments

Alitaptap profile image

Alitaptap 5 years ago from Philippines

Great list! my husband will go nuts when he sees this. What is it with guys and powertools?

Keith 4 years ago

i have the 9.6 bosch bit driver. it has the same looks and featurs as the 12 volt. my 9.6 works as hard as a 12v. of any other brand. i love it. bosch makes a great drill-driver! i wouldn't pass this one up!

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