Best Places To Find A Plate Rack

A less common kitchen accessory is the humble plate rack. Although this has been predominately replaced with the boring kitchen cupboard and more recently the modern dishwasher the plate rack could be the answer to that under utilised kitchen space. The plate rack not only can make your kitchen look well organized but also make storing plates safer than the precarious piles we all seem to have in out kitchen. So you have decided you need a plate rack for your kitchen your next biggest problem is finding the best one for your needs. This may however be easier said than done as because they have become less popular the choices can be limited unless you know the right places to look.

Where To Find Your Perfect Plate Rack

The internet is the obvious place today as the world wide web is a great source of information, however where do you start looking?

The Internet

Google is always a good place to start but rather than doing just a basic web search why not try an image search. There are a lot of different styles of plate racks and you can sort through them a lot quicker visually. Once you have found some images you like it is then worth following the link to the website.  Even if that website doesn't sell plate racks you can normally get a manufacturer or product name that you can then type back into Google. This time you could use Google Shopping/Product Search to locate your specific plate rack. If this doesn't work then the normal Google Web Search may help. Adding keywords such as $ or £ if you want to find the price of your product is always a good idea. A particular favourite website is Amazon and in the United Kingdom Argos have a good selection.

Look Locally

Another option is to search your local shops. Both big supermarket chains and local independent homeware shops may have a small selection with the advantage you can see the size and quality in the flesh.

The other place to look locally for plates racks depending on your chosen material and size is all good wooden kitchen furniture shops. Although this type of plate rack is normally larger and more expensive than the simple plastic coated metal ones, a well made wooden wall mounted plate rack can really improve the style and storage capabilities of a kitchen.

Second Hand

With the popularity of plate racks reducing this does give us a opportunity to pick up a bargain and where better to find your perfect plate rack than your local garage sales or car boot sale. If this fails then there is always eBay or your local auction house.

Bespoke Manufactured Plate Racks

The final and probably most difficult option however is for the more DIY brigade. One of the favourite materials for plate racks is wood and many of us have a specific place we want the rack to fit and the only option is to make a bespoke plate rack. Whether you make it yourself or get the local cabinet maker or carpenter to manufacture your plate rack a quick search on the internet for plate rack plans will soon uncover a plethora of design ideas.

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wicklesscandles 6 years ago

I could have used your hub a couple of months ago when I was looking for plate holders for my decorative plates. I really had a hard time finding one that would work for me in my kitchen.

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