Best Rated Wine Coolers

A wine cooler is the best tool to store your wine safely and refrigerated. Some are plain cooler with analog controls. But, technological advances has now provided it with a trendy look. such as digital controls, led lighting, and temperature control. With its stylish finish and durable construction, a wine cooler would be a good addition to your store or home.

See below list of top rated Wine Coolers based on ratings and reviews.

1. NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Touch Screen

  • Compact with eighteen bottle capacity
  • Has very convenient digital temperature controls
  • LED Display and Interior LED Light provides enhanced visibility
  • This wine cooler operates silently so it can be used in every environment
  • Modern chrome-plated racks

2. Whynter WC-321DD 32 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler

  • Adjustable thermostat for both zones (46F - 66F)
  • Enhanced LCD temperature displays for both zones
  • Solid state components for long life - the only moving parts are fans to circulate air for even temperature distribution
  • Soft interior LED lighting with on/off switch
  • Voltage: 115V /60Hz; Power: 210 watts / 3.0 Amps; ETL certified

3. Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • Soft interior LED lighting to proudly display your wine collection
  • Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling
  • Internal fan to evenly circulate air within the wine cooler- ensuring even temperature distribution
  • Adjustable thermostat for storing different wine varieties
  • Includes 6 slide-out chrome racks

4. EdgeStar 12 Bottle Slim-Fit Wine Cooler - Stainless Steel Trim Door

  • Thermopane glass viewing window displays wine collection
  • Slim-fit design utilizes vertical space, leaving a small footprint on your floor
  • Scalloped chrome racking securely cradles wine bottles
  • Interior LED lighting illuminates wine without creating uneven heat distribution
  • Approximate temperature range: High 40sºF - mid 60sºF

5. NewAir AW-320ED NewAir Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Dual Temperature Zones

  • Digital controls ensures accurate temperature controls and easy operation
  • Internal LED light adds visibility and illuminates your wine collection
  • Utilizes thermoelectric technology that is both energy-efficient and quiet
  • Features dual temperature zones
  • Glass doors provide better insulation

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