Best Selling Space Heaters to Keep You Warm in Winter

best space heaters
best space heaters

Energy Efficient Space Heaters

A space heater is a device that heats up an enclosed area. They are usually either portable or mounted on a wall. They could run using electricity, oil or natural gas. Heat is transmitted primarily through radiation or convection. Space heaters are a must buy to keep you comfortable during cold winter months. Please read on to know about some of the best selling space heaters available today to make your winter warmer.

Lasko is an American company which has been operating since 1906. They are known globally for their innovative best selling space heaters. These best selling space heaters are meticulously tested to make sure that they provide the best possible performance.

Lasko Space Heaters

A few best selling space heaters manufactured by Lasko are-

  • Lasko Ceramic space heater with adjustable thermostat is among the best selling space heaters with a fan which is marvelously silent. It is a super energy saver. It offers guaranteed automatic protection for overheating. It can be set either to 1500 or 900 watts. It comes with a three year warranty.
  • Lasko Ceramic Tower heater with digital display and remote control is another best selling space heatersfrom Lasko. It looks wonderful and you will be tempted to buy it. The remote control enables you to easily adjust from any corner of your room. If you are lying down in your bed, you do not have to get up to make any adjustments. You simply use the remote. So user friendly, isn’t it?
  • Lasko Westpointe ceramic tower heater is an inexpensive model with superb features. You need not worry about overheating with this model. Its safety features take care of it. You can keep it on the floor.
  • Lasko Ceramic Tower heater with logic center remote control is another model which is a great energy saver. Its thermostat is a programmable one. It also has great safety features. It can either be set to 1500 watts or a 900 watts setting. It is extremely convenient to carry from one room to another.
  • Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower heater works beautifully. It keeps your room uniformly warm. These best selling space heaters have this wonderful feature unlike older space heaters. You can keep it on the floor or on a table. Like other Lasko space heaters, it also provides safety from overheating.

Space Heater Buying Guide

Best Selling Space Heaters from DeLonghi

DeLonghi is a European company which manufactures small appliances. It has been in operation since 1902. Some best selling space heaters from DeLonghi are-

  • DeLonghi Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat is a portable product. It can be easily used and be set either at 1500 or 825 watts. It has frost prevention features. It does not overheat and can be easily transported.
  • DeLonghi Oil filled portable radiator with ComforTemp technology saves about a fourth of your electricity bill. It is resistant to rust. It maintains a low temperature at its surface making it safe in case you have kids who might accidentally touch it.

Safety Tips: Space Heaters

Best Selling Space Heaters

Before winter sets in, make sure you buy any of the above best selling space heaters to keep your winters warm. Wish you a warm and comfortable winter.

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SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

We were just looking at space heaters yesterday. Thanks for all the information, we will be buying another one soon.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Try Lasko models and update your remarks about them

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