Beyond The Sofa: How Slipcovers Can Help Transform Any Room In Your Home

Slipcovers come in all shapes and sizes and can instantly turn a bland room into a welcoming retreat. Any piece of furniture or accessory, from sofas to pillows, becomes unique when revitalized with custom slipcovers. Since they are removable and washable, they are perfect for any room in a house. Made exactly to fit the furniture size, seat and back shape, custom slipcovers are perfect for today's hectic lifestyle. All of them are manufactured to the highest of standards.

Size doesn't matter. Chair slipcovers can be made to fit anything from a tiny chair to an over-sized sofa. Even though most people are watching their spending these days, this is an affordable way to revitalize your old furniture. With many fabrics to choose from, including beautiful damask patterns to add texture and a sense of luxury, as well as faux suede or chenille for a soft, smooth finish, the possibilities are endless.

Make Use of Space With Double Purpose Rooms

If a new baby has arrived but the guestroom needs to stay, convert it into a combination of a nursery and guestroom in one. By using a daybed or pull-out sofa, space is saved and the furniture can be doubled as a relaxing place for mom or dad to sit. Midnight feedings or fussy afternoons will go by much more comfortably on a daybed or couch where there is room to stretch out or for other family members to join the parent.

Slipcovers on the pillows or cushions will completely change the style of the room and make an old piece of furniture look new again. Whimsical patterns bring fun and brightness to a room, appealing to both children and out-of-town guests. Use the same pattern as curtains by ordering extra fabric when purchasing the slipcovers to save money and to tie the room's decoration together.

Dining Room Revamp

Dining rooms provide a place for homeowners to entertain, a spot for families to come together after a long day apart, and a location for distant relatives to reconnect. Families want to impress their guests, not scare them away with ugly furniture when they sit down to dinner. It's possible to redo the dining room to make it impressionable for a very low price.

Chair slipcovers are the easiest way to take a boring dining room and make it a focal point of the home. Wow guests with beautiful slipcovers or just cushion covers to retain the timeless wood feature of your chairs. Such a simple change can amazingly transform an entire room. With more than 150 fabrics to choose from, there is a cover for every single taste and style.

Make The Living Room A Place To Live In

So many homeowners treat the living room like a museum rather than a part of their home. Not allowing any member of the family to even enter this sacred room, it remains clean and untarnished. However, this room could be used the other 360 days a year instead of the five that company visits. By altering the traditional, formal furniture, a room can be reopened to its owners and used for family gatherings, children's parties, spending time with friends, or just relaxing.

Adding modern, casual slipcovers is a hassle-free way to convert the living room into a place where the family wants to live. Durable, easy to clean, and comfortable fabric is a good choice for the sofa. Covering the pillows in a contrasting pattern will add interest and life to a dull couch. Also, using various sizes and shapes of throw pillows gives a couch an eye-catching appeal. Living room chairs can also be updated by covering just the cushions or the entire chair.

Master Bedroom Becomes Master Retreat

Because a bedroom has main pieces that are large and must remain, a master bedroom is more restricted when it comes to decorating. However, there are countless options available to turn a bedroom into a master retreat. Make it more than just a resting place. This room should be the one place in the house where adults can unwind after a long day, and is personal to the people who sleep there. Since it's the only room that most individuals can escape to for complete privacy, it should inspire happiness and soothing relaxation.

Theme options are endless for a master bedroom. Picking a certain style or genre that appeals to whoever resides in the bedroom will give the room a sense of ownership and personalization. Safari serenity can be achieved with a majestic bed with wooden posts and pillows covered in leopard or zebra print. A chaise lounge in brown, gold, and black adds a chic element to the room.

For those who prefer the soothing seaside, cool blues, greens, and earth tones will make someone feel like they live on the beach, even if they don't. A cozy chair with an ottoman is a great addition to a beach-themed room. Don't throw out the old chair and ottoman in your room. Salvage it by covering the ottoman in a great seaside print or stripes that resemble a beach towel.

When choosing a theme, however, a bedroom that's either too feminine or too masculine can make one part of the couple feeling like he or she doesn't belong in the room. Sticking to styles that are more gender neutral will make both parties happy. Finding colors both people like and certain piece of furniture or fabric patterns that appeal to both will bring the room together without separating the people who live in it. Also, use patterns sparingly. If the bedspread has a busy print, don't pick another bold print for the covers of the pillows or chair slipcovers. Contrasting solid colors with patterns will even out the room and give the eye something to focus on.

Pleasing A Picky Child

Children's rooms can become a challenge when it comes to redecorating, especially if the child is elementary aged or older. These little guys and gals are full of opinions and demands for their room. Teddy bears, trains, and dolls don't satisfy these style critics any longer. While it's important that a child is proud of his room, picking a licensed character for the theme can be extremely limiting. Many characters aren't featured on bedding or room décor, so finding the matching bedspread, sheet, or pillow containing the child's beloved idol is impossible.

The better option is to choose a color palette or pattern that coordinates with the character. This way the chair, ottoman, and pillows can be slip covered in material that goes along with the overall feel of the room. Ask for extra fabric when ordering the slipcovers to make curtains to bring all the items together. Then the child's favorite character can be added in little touches throughout the room such as posters, clocks, piggy banks, figurines, or stuffed animals. After the child tires of the particular personality, these items can easily be changed to something else without spending a ton of money.

When picking a fabric for the pillows, chairs, and other items in a child's room, practicality and durability should come first. Certain types of fabrics are more suitable for children's furniture than others. No parent wants to spend hard-earned money to make their child's room look magnificent and then have it ruined a week later by a drink or crayon stain. Cotton and corduroy make good materials for children's furniture.

Since they are extremely durable, these fabrics will last for years. However, corduroy will look worn after several washes, so keep that in mind. Another good option is denim because it holds up very well. Besides being tough, it is practically maintenance free. Vinyl proves to be one of the longest lasting materials, especially in children's rooms. Even though it can't be machine washed, it comes clean with a few wipes of a damp sponge. Lace should be used sparingly in youngster's rooms. Known to tear easily, this fabric will not last around a busy child.

Make Even A Porch A Luxurious Retreat

Many people skimp on decorating their porch or sun room. But if done properly, these can become beautiful escapes separate from the rest of the house. Use the same process for designing indoors. Think about comfort, function and style for the outdoor space. Bring in items from inside the house. Be careful, however, to make sure they are far away from outdoor elements and extreme sunlight since they aren't made of material that is weatherproof.

Lightweight sheers will give privacy, softness, and shade. If the floor is made of a hard surface, soften it up by adding an area rug that brings out the colors in the furniture. Couches, lounges, and ottomans can become great outdoor pieces by changing out the cushions or covering them with slipcovers. Many covers simply zip over the existing fabric for easy, instant transformation. Arm covers are also a great choice for outdoor furniture to help prevent fading and wear and tear. Made to fit the exact size and shape of the particular furniture arm style, the covers also hide unsightly stains, tears and scratches.

Questions? Comments? 8 comments

Kristen 6 years ago

Ooooh.... this is a MUCH better solution than what I was originally thinking... My kids have aged my couches far beyond their 3 years, but they are still good and I refused to buy new ones! I was thinking of reupholsering, but that is ex-pen-sive! This is an awesome solutions... I don't know if I've been in the dark, but I didn't realize you could get custom made slipcovers that fit perfectly. Thanks!!

Susan 6 years ago

This is a great idea! I was thinking that we'd soon have to replace our couches due to all the wear and tear from everyday living, but this sounds like a much more cost effective solution. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions!

Claire L.  6 years ago

I love the idea of using custom slipcovers for dining room chairs! My house is on the smaller side, and we don't have a formal dining room. I think adding slipcovers will help differentiate the dining space. I may even order a few different colors so I can change them throughout the year as seasons shift.

Liz 6 years ago

I've used slipcovers before on couches, but they were ill fitting and never stayed in place. They bunched up, slipped off and were a general pain in the you know what. I love the idea of a custom made slipcover to ensure a perfect fit every time! Thanks for the great hub!

Suzy 6 years ago

My husband and I just extended our patio and turned it into a sunroom. I have been really unsure of how to decorate it with a modern fresh look, but I never thought it would be so easy if I just decorated it as I have the indoors. What a great idea for inspiration! I don't want it too look a like a sunroom, rather an addition to our home as an extra family room.

maolaun profile image

maolaun 6 years ago from Boston, MA

My boyfriends mom makes incredible custom made slip covers. They look like upholstery because they fit so well! I agree that they are a much more economical way to revamp old furniture or change the look of a room. Well written.

SherrieAnne profile image

SherrieAnne 5 years ago

Just deciding what to do with an oldish loveseat and your article pushed me over the edge. Thanks so much! I love the ideas that you brought together. You gave me so many new ideas!

Rosie writes profile image

Rosie writes 2 years ago from Virginia

We have 2 old couches but they are really comfortable and work in the space they are in. We just came back from a historic beach cottage and now I want that look - I'm thinking slipcovers will do it. Great article - very informative.

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