Big Savings On Scratch and Dent Appliances


You can find scratch and dent appliances in a number of different places without having to make special trips all over the country to get the savings.  While some models will have major flaws, others will have very minor, almost unnoticeable damage.  You can find virtually any major brand name if you put your mind to it.  Best of all, you can expect to save up to 70% or even more when you actively search for scratch and dent appliances for sale.  Here’s some additional information to keep in mind.

What Qualifies as Scratch and Dent Appliances?

You will find many different levels of damage out there.  Some will have severe scuffing, while others will have minimal markings. In addition, some companies will advertise these units for sale, but sometimes there is no damage.  This is because factory reconditioned and customer returns are often sold at scratch and dent appliance warehouses and outlet stores.  In addition, many stores and warehouses will sell their display floor models at discounts due to light scuffing.  This makes it an even better deal.

Who Sells Them

Just about anyone can sell them, but Sears scratch and dent appliance outlets are pretty well known.  Of course, the Sears outlet stores aren’t the only ones that sell them.  Local stores can have sales from time to time, along with clearance centers and other outlet stores.  If you local stores never advertise big sales, just stop by and take a look, since many will not advertise them. Plus, since you may be able to buy floor display models of scratch and dent appliances, you may have to actively seek them in the stores.  If there is no discount posted, ask for one.

When There Aren’t Any Available

So, you’ve gone to your local appliance store and they didn’t have any scratch and dent discounts?  That’s okay, because you can manufacture discounts to some extent.  Simply ask the clerk for a discount on a floor model.  Since many don’t like to part with the display until all other units are sold, let them know you would like to be contacted when the display is up for sale.  This way, even if they don’t have scratch and dent appliance sales, you can often get in on saving money.  Also, don’t be afraid to point out any damage the units may have.  There really is nothing wrong with haggling a little.  You haggle on cars, right? 

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