Black Friday Massage Chair Deals to Look Out For

Black Friday Massage Chair Deals
Black Friday Massage Chair Deals

Black Friday Massage Chair Deals

Are you looking for some great Black Friday Massage Chair Deals – then keep reading? This holiday season will be one of the busiest for the massage chair industry, and because of this we will see great sales on some of the top massage chair brands. A couple popular brands to look out for this holiday season will be Osaki and Infinity massage chairs. Both of these brands offer great massage chairs at affordable prices, and retailers will definitely be running some great specials on all their models during the Black Friday sale weekend. More on each brand below.

Osaki OS-7200H Black Friday Sale
Osaki OS-7200H Black Friday Sale

Osaki Massage Chairs

Osaki massage chairs is one of the bestselling brands. They have a great line up of massage chairs at all price points. The Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity massage chair is their most popular model and it offers some great features for around $2,895. Earlier this year they released three new models and these include the Osaki OS-6000, OS-7000, and OS-7200H. All of these massage chairs have become very popular and are basically a step up from the OS-4000. They offer many of the same great features like zero gravity recline as well as some upgrades like 3D rollers, music system, chromotherepy, and head massage. These features definitely justify the higher price that ranges from $3,495-$4,295.

Infinity IT-8500 Black Friday Sale
Infinity IT-8500 Black Friday Sale

Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity Therapeutics is another very popular brand. They are best known for their IT-9800 model, has recently released their 8000 series of massage chairs which have become very popular. These include the Infinity IT-8200 and IT-8500 massage chairs. Both of these massage chairs have become very popular and offer some great features such as zero gravity and inversion therapy. The new 8000 series has defiantly been a hit with consumers so far this year and will be a hot item this holiday season. The Infinity 8000 series run from $3,595 - $3,995, but you will see some specials reducing these prices further.

Where to Buy Massage Chairs?

If you looking for a great deal this holiday season, then check out They are one of the more prominent massage chair retailers online, and offer a nice selection of specials on some of the industry’s top brands. You can visit them at -

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