Blueprints of Restaurant Kitchen Designs

Choosing the right blueprints for your kitchen is one of the most critical decisions any new proprietor must make. While the vast majority of customers will never set foot into the kitchen, it will be the determining factor if any customers will set foot into your restaurant. Due to the many different types and configurations of restaurant kitchens you should enter into this process with a clear sense of where you want to take your restaurant. They’re many different categories for restaurants and even more configurations for their kitchens. Among those that we will preview today are Casual Dining, Upscale Restaurants, and mobile catering. 

Restaurant Kitchen Design

Example of a Casual Dining Kitchen

Casual Dining

The first blueprint of a restaurant kitchen is the casual dining format. This configuration is popular in the United States with most sit down chain restaurants. The kitchen is equipped with various tools and stations that allows for an organized and efficient area to prepare food. The design also reduces the number of cooks needed by placing all the stations close enough to one another. 

Example of a Full Service Kitchen

Full Service Kitchen

The next example is of a full service kitchen that one would find in an upscale restaurant. What separates this design from the casual dining kitchen are the various stations. These stations allow for a wide range of foods to be prepared and served to the paying customers. While this is an impressive design it does require a large amount of skilled labor to function properly.

Example of a Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Kitchen

The next class of restaurant is the mobile platforms for consumption. Catering companies serve large groups of people at remote locations primarily using these vehicles. This type of kitchen is restricted in the amount of space available. Therefore it is extremely important to utilize every square inch of space and to equip the vehicle with only what is needed.


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Restaurant equipment 7 years ago

The quality of kitchen equipment often speaks volumes about the commitment of the restaurant to their customers. They can even complement the food in a nice and enticing way. Most people are very sensitive about even the cutlery used while serving the food.

The term restaurant supplies cover a vast group of cooking and serving related products. They can include barware, table articles, cooking equipment and bakeware, refrigerators, cutlery sets etc.

Dylan Katz 6 years ago

Im looking for help in designing the layout plan for a platform kitchen or shall i say a mobile kitchen. Could you send me a copy of the plan in the above photo? with all the equipment and where and how to place in the floor with out moving. Also, what do you line the inside of the container to keep it food safe?

Dylan Katz

Orange Joolz Catering

Montreal, Quebec

ed77burns 5 years ago

you have putin great art work that can be understood by any common man.Good hub.

gg 4 years ago

i want a bigger one then the first but a smaller one than the second one

allison 4 years ago

i am going to make a restrant

huzaifa kothari 23 months ago

M planning to open a small seasonal 100 pax beach restaurant with a simple menu of Basic breakfast,snacks, Indian (along with Tandoor),Chinese n continental. What should be the basic structure with equipments including storage to run smooth operation.

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