Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermal Glass

Bodum's drink-ware : from the future

Bodum's mouth blown Pavina drink-ware comes straight from the future. Every-time I take hold of one of these glasses and drink from them, it feels notably different from every other glass in my cupboard. The double-walled glass design offers excellent thermal insulation. My daily coffee stays hot MUCH longer than my regular ceramic mug. In fact, the last gulp of my coffee is always much hotter than I am used to. I don't think it will insulate for hours, but your drink should stay hot (or cold) for the duration of your sipping.

Bodum Glasses - 2 oz. & 21 oz. sizes
Bodum Glasses - 2 oz. & 21 oz. sizes

Hi-Tech Glass : Borosilicate

These Bodum glasses are made from Borosilicate glass, the same material that sophisticated lab equipment, telescopes, and nuclear processing equipment is made from. This same glass is also marketed under the brand names, Pyrex, Kimax, and Endural. Borosilicate glass is made up from silica, boric oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, and potassium oxide. The addition of boron oxide (replacing soda and lime of typical glass) to borosilicate glass enables the special physical properties and further requires special manufacturing processes to create it. The stronger glass can be made much thinner than standard glass while maintaining the same or greater strength with complete heat and scratch resistance.

Bodum Pavina: Coffee & Milk

Summary : Bodum glasses are best in the galaxy

I would recommend these glasses to anybody. The design and fabrication of these glasses give them a unique hand-made appearance with precision robot made quality. When human tourists begin to travel into space, these will definitely be the glasses that they will drink from while orbiting the earth.

The borosilicate glass is amazingly clear, temperature, and scratch resistant. They are both dishwasher and microwave safe. The double-walled glasses appear and feel quite sturdy. I have read reports that these glasses will not survive drops to the counter or floor (especially the larger sizes), so a little bit of extra handling care is needed. The largest 21 ounce (Iced Tea) glasses are quite large and might not fit in some small dishwashers. Also, the base of this sized glass seems a little small compared to the overall height, making them unstable on uneven surfaces. All the other smaller sizes are perfectly proportioned and are simply beautiful.

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Robin profile image

Robin 10 years ago from San Francisco

I've never seen these before. We use the Bodum coffee press, but we're not familiar with the mugs. Other than size, is there any difference between the double-wall thermo and double wall cooler/beer glasses? I would like a larger coffee mug than 9 oz. and 12 oz. would be perfect. I'm always running around after kids, and I end up heating my coffee multiple times before I am able to finish one cup. I don't like drinking out of travel mugs all of the time to keep my coffee hot. Maybe you have found my answer! Thanks for the info!

Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA

I'm going to order a few and I'll let you know how they work out. I like the look as well.

cityplus profile image

cityplus 10 years ago from San Francisco Author

Robin, I also have a set of 12 oz Bodum glasses (not pictured). I think this is the perfect size for all around drinking. The only difference between the Pavina glasses is size. They have another line, called Assam (versus Pavina), which comes in similar sizes but a different look. The construction and material is the same.

Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA

Thanks for the response. I'll look into both styles, but I really like the Pavina look. Great hub! Your layout is really nice.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco, California

I like your hub, too. I've seen these glasses and am waiting for Costco to get them. This is a perfect Costco item. Is the space between the two layers of glass a vacuum?

cityplus profile image

cityplus 10 years ago from San Francisco Author

I don't think the space between the glass is a vacuum. Otherwise, I'm sure Bodum would make that one of their claims. There is a tiny glass dot/pimple at the bottom of every glass. I'm assuming that this is a hole they plug after the glass has been made and cooled off to prevent any negative pressure/vacuum between the layers.

vic profile image

vic 10 years ago

This must be perfect for a good and hot shot of esspresso!

matt 7 years ago

got a set a year or so ago. 12oz drinking glasses , all broke with a month. a bad batch, i don't know but when i saw the price(they were a gift)i didn't get another set, they just broke in sink and one when i put ice into it the bottom blew out, seemed very sensitive to temp change. not a good thing for thermal glasses.

Ludo 6 years ago

I absolutely love them !! Especially when used for colorful cocktails or juices.

Joe 6 years ago

I am consider buying the double glass coffee thermal. Before doing so, I have a few questions. Can it be left on the warm plate of the coffee machine (assume size fits) and be able to stand up the high temperature of around 90oC without the risk of breakage? While leaving it on the warm plate, can the coffee be kept warm continuously (that is more than 2 hours of the claim made by Bodum due to the external heat source)?

John Korchok 6 years ago

I purchased the whole range of sizes of the glasses, plus a pitcher and teapot. After one and a half years, most are broken despite careful handling. The smaller sizes, 2oz and 9 oz have stood up better, but almost all of the larger sizes, the pitcher and the teapot are gone. Some broke in the dishwasher without any impact whatsoever, a couple broke from dropping an ice cube in, some from an accidental tap against a plate or another glass.

It's a beautiful product and works well at insulating, but they need to switch to a tougher glass formulation. I'm am never buying more, it's a waste of money.

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