Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors-The best of the best

The Brazilian Cherry Floor is perhaps the most sophisticated style of hard wood for your home

When most people think about hard wood floors, they typically think of lighter wood, such as oak.  The truth is that most people worry that a dark stain like brazilian cherry may make the floors too dark and as a result, make the room look smaller than it is.  But to be honest, a dark wood like brazilian cherry could not only make a statement in your home, the rich and bold color may be perhaps the most exquisite style of wood floor when it comes to darker wood.

Adding hard wood floors to your house is not something that you should decide on overnight though.  I recommend going to your local flooring specialist and ask for a sample to take home with you.  This way, you can decide if dark wood will match the look and feel of the decorations in your room and how they relate to the flooring.  If you do decide to save a buck or two by ordering online, get samples to make sure that it works for you and you know what you are getting. 

Brazillian Cherry floors will add a sophistication to any room and is a little more expensive than most wood floors like oak or maple.

Can't afford Brazillian Cherry wood but want the look of it?

Because of the resources that are needed for hard wood, the prices can be pretty steep and if you are doing more than one room, you could expect to spend thousands of dollars, even if you are doing it yourself.  Because of this, most people's budget won't have any room for something that could be as much as $15 per square foot. 

However, if you want the look of brazilian cherry but don't have the bank busting budget set aside for beautiful hard wood, you can always go for hard wood's ugly cousin; laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring looks like the real thing but can be purchased for as little as one dollar per square foot.  The feel is different and since it won't age, you won't get that "aged" look that is timeless.  Still, it is a very good option if you want the elegance of cherry without having to spend a fortune.

Hard wood will increase the value of your home

The biggest reason for adding wood floors such as brazilian cherry to your home is that this type of flooring should increase the value of your home significantly.  People these days see hard wood as a perk and generally, hardwood flooring through out the house could increase the selling price by thousands of dollars.  Plus, nothing says "organic" like wood flooring.  Let's face is more elegant and timeless than even the highest price carpet.

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