Budget Self Storage-Best Price Vs Best Location

Choosing a budget self storage facility can be somewhat overwhelming. On the one hand, it is nice that there are plenty of options. Storage facilities were one of the few industries that actually managed to grow in general over the past five years, in part due to the large number of home foreclosures and scale-down moves. So consumers have plenty of companies and locations from which to select a storage unit. On the other hand, this selection can actually be rather complicated because of the wide variety of options. To some degree, an overload of available units makes the selection difficult, because everyone will be promising to have the best unit. Among the possible debates will be whether to use climate-controlled storage or not, whether to get an inside or an outside unit, and what size unit to rent.

Chief among these debates will also be the issue of finding the best price versus finding the best location. Often, customers are willing to spring for the first available unit that meets one of the two standards without fully exploring the available units around the area. Usually once a thorough comparison has been done of all the available units in the area, a customer will be able to find a unit that meets both their location and their price specifications.

In some instances, however, in a particularly growing city or in a busy moving season, customers are going to have to compromise on either location or price. In such cases, the main factor involved in deciding between a pricey unit that is closer and a cheaper unit that is further away is going to be frequency and type of intended use.

If you are using the storage facility as simply a way to keep things out of the way, and are intending to use it in such manner for a long or indefinite period of time, then probably the best route for you is going to be selecting the cheaper unit that might be in a less convenient location. If on the other hand the unit is going to be something that you use regularly, it is possible that the closer unit could be more advantageous. Some small inventory-based businesses use budget self storage as warehouses for their products. In this case proximity is definitely worth a bit more money. Also, in the event the storage is only going to be for a short time, as in the case of those who are between homes and staying with friends or family for a few months, then the closer unit is likely to be advantageous as well, since there may be frequent trips to the storage facility, and since the higher rent will only be for a short time.

There is a somewhat simple algorithm you can use to figure out which solution is best for you. You can divide the price of gas by your average miles per gallon to figure out how much it costs to go one mile in your car. Multiply that by the round trip distance to the storage facility and you see how much each trip costs. Then multiply this by the number of trips you anticipate taking in a month. If this number, which is the total cost of travel to and from the unit per month, is lower than the difference of the two rents, then you want to go with the cheaper unit. If, on the other hand, the total travel cost is higher than the rent difference, then go with the closer unit. Although it is more expensive it is actually cheaper than the traveling costs per month. Using this simple equation, consumers can be sure to select the storage facility that is easiest on the wallet.

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