Budget Self Storage Ideas: Room by Room


One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get organized, and this resolution is evidence of the frustration people feel all year round if their space is cluttered or disorganized. The New Year is only a few months away, so why not get a jump start and ensure a successful resolution. And no matter which room is in need of help, maybe all of them, budget self storage solutions are available to get things under control.

Since each room has its own function, it’s important to keep that function at the forefront of the mind when exploring storage solutions. Stowing away a commonly used item or placing items often used together too far away from each other simply won’t work, so let the frequency and area of use be a major guide as you fight clutter with organization.

In every room, take time to assess if anything should be given away or discarded before implementing a new organizational scheme. Too much unused stuff can diminish the effectiveness of even the best storage setup.



  • Use Wall Space: Many homeowners and renters lament a lack of cupboard space, but cupboards aren’t the only way to make use of walls. A variety of shelving or hanging options could take mugs, pots and pans, plates, or utensils out of drawers and cupboards, making them more accessible and freeing up storage space.

  • Group by Use: Many people organized their kitchen so long ago that they don’t recall any rhyme or reason for what goes where. Re-think placement in terms of what items tend to get used at the same time. You may store the coffee maker and the mixer near one another because they are both appliances, but how often are they actually used at the same time? Instead, consider placing the coffee maker with the mugs, cereal, and bowls in the “breakfast zone” while the mixer can join the mixing bowls, measuring cups, and flour in the “baking zone.”
  • Access unused space: Besides wall space, deep cupboards and corners are more underused areas. Options such as pull-out, rotating, or wrap-around shelving can give unused space purpose while keeping items accessible.



  • Use Wall Space: Once again, vertical space is an often-untapped area to explore. Neatly folded, color coordinated towels needn’t be tucked away in the linen closet—simple open shelving can make them decorative and accessible. Awkward space above the toilet, between sinks, or above counters can also be filled with something more purposeful than a picture. Commonly used items can be stored in plain sight, organized in attractive cups or bins. Bathroom items are often small, so even a very narrow shelf can help.
  • Make your Space Multitask: Make your mirror double as a medicine cabinet or a fold-down counter. Make your door a surface for hooks or a handy over-the-door pocket organizer. Hooks, towel racks, or other organizers can often be placed on the inside or outside of cupboard or closet doors, too. In such a small space, find a way for anything you can think of to serve another purpose.



  • Look Low: Under the bed, under a bedside table, under hanging clothes—don’t let floor space go to waste. Vacuum storage can be a space-saving solution for bulky bedding and out-of-season clothes.
  • Use corners: Even corners behind doors could display a diagonal hanging bar or hooks. And, when you’ve placed furniture in corners, there’s often still plenty of corner vertical space for corner shelves.
  • Be creative: An over-the-door shoe organizer doesn’t have to be just for shoes: it can be used for scarves, socks, kids’ toys, hosiery, and whatever else you can think of. Jewelry doesn’t have to go in a jewelry box—a free-standing towel rack or small adhesive hooks let your jewelry decorate your room when it’s not decorating you.


Living Areas:

  • Hide in Plain Sight: Living areas are tricky because they’re the place people often entertain others, yet they’re the place they do most of their activities in. Trying to shuttle commonly used items to another room whenever company comes is an exercise in futility. Instead, find containers that fit right in to the decorating scheme, such as attractive baskets, ottomans with storage space, decorative crates, and patterned boxes. A window seat that opens for storage is a great hideaway and offers extra places for people to sit.



  • Assigned Storage: This area tends to accumulate shoes, bags, coats, mittens, sports gear, etc. One of the biggest barriers to putting things away is when family members don’t know where to put them, or the space they are supposed to put them is full. Give each family member, however many, the bins, hooks, shelves, or cubbies they need and let them know, maybe even through labels or pictures, what goes where. Make especially younger children’s spaces as accessible as possible, and make sure there’s plenty of room. Stacking drawers, under-bench bins, hooks at different heights, and wall-mounted cubbies are just a few options that can help with this task.

None of these solutions requires an entire home makeover. Just a few budget self storage pieces and some strategic thought can make a world of difference.

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FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

There are so many beautiful, useful ideas that I am sharing this!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

This is a great hub of DIY space solutions! I love every one of them. Since I seriously dislike clutter, I would love to create these various ideas. I especially like the bench for a foyer, with storage space underneath.....SHOES! Also, the 3 shelves above the commode is very nice.

Thanks for this....Definitely voted Up & useful...awesome too.

Karen Ray profile image

Karen Ray 2 years ago from Oklahoma

Thanks for some great ideas. Voted useful.

DealForALiving profile image

DealForALiving 2 years ago from Earth

That kitchen cabinet pic is something else. Really gave me some ideas to tackle the storage issue.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks so much FlourishAnyway! :D

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks fpherj48, so glad you enjoyed the hub and found it inspirational for new storage ideas!

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks so much Karen Ray!

lucille12 profile image

lucille12 20 months ago

That will at least give you an idea of the different kinds of options available.

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