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Do you have too much stuff but don’t know what to do with it all? Tossing it in drawers and tucking it away in closets just so its out of the way is just going to result in lost items and pent up frustration later on. Gather up all the items sitting around your house that desperately need to be organized and create a storage system personalized to your needs that will get everything out of the way but still within easy reach. If you need some ideas on where to start, try out some of these regularly found and low cost household objects that can be turned in budget self storage solutions.


1. Paint Cans

Unused empty paint cans sitting around the garage can be washed and used as stackable storage bins or wall mounted organizers. Linens, scarves, magazines and much more can fit in these multipurpose buckets and can give the room an ordinarily but artistic edge. They are also disposable so if you want to decorate the outside of the cans or change up the theme every once and while, you can either decide to decorate over the old design or you can grab a new paint can and start all over.


2. Shower Caddy

Wire shower caddies hung from picture frames hooks on the wall are best for office and craft items such as mail and envelopes, wrapping paper, glue and more. Hooks usually intended for sponges and scrubbers can be repurposed to hold on to scissors, ribbon, even car keys and can help you to keep track of those items that get lost regularly. This helps to clear up tabletop and drawer space that can be invaluable to a busy household.

3. Toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holders are perfect for the office because they are inexpensive and act as pen holder, and some already have separate slots available to organize markers and pens. These are especially great if you work in design related profession such as architecture or graphic design which require multiple different types of writing utensils to draft up a project.


4. Mason Jar

Mason jars are by far the best multiuse items that you can have in any household. You can use them in your bathroom to hold cotton balls and bandages, in your office to hold paperclips and staples, or in your kitchen to hold spices or measuring spoons. Most mason jars are also clear so they don’t leave a large impression in the room or take away from the theme of the room.

5. Shoe Box

If you have paperwork or miscellaneous items you need to keep but you want them out of the way, shoe boxes are good filing cabinets that can be tucked away underneath bed frames or stacked in closets. If you wrap the shoe box in decorative paper you can even display them on your shelf or bookcase. Make sure you label the lid or the side of the box so that you can easily find what you are looking for when you go back to grab it. If you are stacking boxes, try and tape the lids shut so that if they do happen to tip over for any reason, all your items won’t go following out.

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purl3agony profile image

purl3agony 2 years ago from USA

Some wonderful and creative ideas here. I love the baskets in your top photo. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!!

janderson99 profile image

janderson99 2 years ago from Australia on Planet Water

Great ideas!

ologsinquito profile image

ologsinquito 2 years ago from USA

These are very good ideas. There are so many things you can do, in terms of storage, with mason jars.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks purl3agony, so glad you enjoyed the hub! And the baskets are great :)

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks janderson99!

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Agreed, mason jars are so versatile! Thanks ologsinquito!

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

I have never considered using shower caddies like that. I like the idea!

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks FlourishAnyway!

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