Building a DVD Shelf

The term "dvd shelf" is fairly self explanatory, which is a shelf where you can arrange and organize your dvds and cds on. In order to procure a dvd shelf, you have two options. You can either buy one, or build one yourself. While department stores usually have some very nice dvd shelves to choose from, it will be cheaper to build your own. However, if you're likely to screw your hand into a piece of wood, perhaps you should let the building to the professionals. That being said, if you decide to embark on building a dvd shelf for yourself, here is a set of easy to follow instructions.

First, take some measurements. You'll need to take into account the number of dvds you currently own and allow room for future purchases. The space where the shelves will stand should be measured. If one dvd measures 1/2 and inch in width, then a 24 inch shelf would hold 48 dvds, and a 36 inch shelf would hold 72. Each shelf should be about 8 inches high. For this example, let's say you want to build a dvd case, that is 36 inches long with 8 shelves. This will hold over 500 dvds.

You will need to buy 36 feet of 1 by 6 inch boards for this project. Also, you will need a 36 inch wide 2 by 6 board in order to create a strong base. Another purchase you will need to make is a 1/4 inch sheet of plywood. This will be placed on the back of the shelves later on. Sandpaper, a drill, woodscrews, a hammer, and small tacking nails will also be required.

Some lumber stores will cut the boards for you. However, if they do not, that is your next step. Make sure to measure correctly, and begin cutting your shelves and the sides you will use. Once you finish this, you still have to sand the boards. To do this, use a medium-grade sandpaper. This smooths them and helps to create a tight fit.

Drilling comes next. You will need to stand one of the 74 inch boards up on the 2 by 6 base, which will form a side of the dvd shelf. Being that the wood is 1/2 and inch thick, a shelf will need to be placed every 8 1/2 inches. Drill side holes for your shelves, then secure them with wood screws. Use two or three for each shelf. Once this step is done, you will need to repeat it by flipping your shelves over and attaching the remaining side board. Make sure to measure so that the shelves are even.

The final step is to attach your plywood backing. To attach the backing on your shelves, retrieve your piece of plywood, cutting it slightly smaller than the outside frame of your shelves. Using your trust hammer, attach the plywood with taking nails, making sure all sides are secure.

Once you finish this, your dvd shelves are finished! You can stain your wood for a beautiful finish or leave it natural.

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kims3003 7 years ago

Great article - very nice writing style A++++

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kims3003 7 years ago

Great article - very nice writing style A++++

Forrest 12 months ago

Where do you find a 2x6 that 36"wide? A 2x6 is 6" wide...

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