Bunk Beds With Slides for Kids, Boys, Girls and Children of All Ages

Kids bunk beds with slides are a new and fantastic bed design which will delight any boy or girl. The awesome selection ensures that there is a spectacular bed for every child.

These beds have been lovingly designed around a child's imagination.

A bunk bed with a slide could be the perfect gift for any child, as a bunk bed is more than just a bed, to a kid, its an adventure It's a pirate ship to keep the hoards of cutthroat pirates at bay, ( usually their brothers and sister )

With imagination, it's a safe mountain top cave to hide from the underground dwelling monster ( usually the mother )

Whatever the child's imagination is, a bunk bed with a slide can only add to the enchanted kingdom of imagination. Children's bedroom furniture has changed a lot, but so have the children.

Extremely Unique Twin Castle Bed


The awesome and very unique Polton Castle twin bunk bed is an exception to every rule in the book.

This fantastic bed is what most girls dreams are made of. A bookcase tower with another octagonal tower complete with internal shelves enhances the overall beauty of this creation.

A solid construction combined with many unique features. A girls bunk bed with a slide with built in princess dreams.

A hefty prices tag for perfect dreams for girls for this not so cheap bunk bed. The curved slide and cathedral style windows complete this masterpiece.

NB: As with nearly all beds, some assembly is required.


Powell Princess Castle Bed With Slide

A loft style Princess bed with covered hiding place underneath for an extra bed or for amazing childhood adventures.

An opportunity to provide a girls dreams on a nightly basis. A cheap bunk bed for a girl with style and class.

Purple and pink polyester material ensures easy washing after the usual spillages.

Detachable slide and ladders with fold down windows in the tents. Ideal for two younger girls or for one when she has a friend stay over.

Complies to all UK / USA safety standards.

Castillo Low Loft Princess bed With Slide

Lower style loft bed for younger children. Comes with privacy curtain, tent, slide and the obligatory tower.

Wooden frame with child friendly lead free paint. The slide can be installed on the left or the right side. Excellent after service from the manufacturer with good customer reviews..

Some assembly required upon delivery. Many people prefer the natural beauty has to offer rather than the normal tubular steel. Wood bunk beds can be repainted and handed down from generation to generation without losing their charm

Sometimes, Simple is Best

Bunk beds or loft beds with slides can come in many different themes such as castles, army camping barracks and buzz-light year outer space designs.

All these make a child's bedroom an awesome and cool adventure playground. A Princess castle bunk bed with a slide, will ensure that a little Princess really does have everything.

DHP Junior Loft with Slide
DHP Junior Loft with Slide



The Army Bed

Bunk Bed Types

There are many bunk beds types, including the bunk beds with slides which are ideal for creative minds.

For the younger teenager who wants his own space there is the single bunk bed with a futon couch underneath, ideal for having friends over. If required the futon folds down into a double bed. Ideal for bedsits or smaller rooms.

An excellent style are the bunk beds with a desk and chair underneath, which can be used for a child to do their home work or computer studies.

Whichever bunk bed you get for a child they will love it, There are many alternative designs for girls bunk beds and boys bunk beds.

For Kids & Youths

Children need a good nights sleep in order for them to be their boisterous selves the next day. Sleep depravity could have a detrimental effect on any child.

Giving a child a bunk bed with a slide will help assist in giving a good nights sleep with pleasant dreams.

The army style bunk beds for boys is an excellent choice for may younger males. Designed to collaborate with many modern computer gaming scenarios.

Please click on the smaller images for full selection available.

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