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How many times have you been spread out in the bath and look up at the tiles on your wall and thought to yourself "These tiles really need re-grouting, look at the state of them!".......

For many people this is something that can go on for years for one reason or another. Perhaps you do not want to change the tiles but would just like to freshen up your bathroom. If so then a grout pen is ideal for you. The grout pen is a very simple device that revitalises painted and discoloured grout lines.

Do grout pens really work?

This is the most common question which can be answered very easily and quickly. Grout pens will make your grout look clean and fresh straight after use. It is recommended that you apply 2 coats but it is not always necessary.

A grout pen is a cheap alternative to re-grouting a bathroom or kitchen - with the same effect.

How many do I need?

The avergae grout pen will cover any distance between 25 - 70 metres. It really depends how much you are slapping on, and how thick you want to be with it. Therefore measure your tiled area and count the amount of times you will need to go across.

How long will it last?

Grout pens have a long lasting effect and will remain clean for the same periods of time as new grout. It depends entirely on the bathroom and the cleanliness to how long your fresh new grout will keep for.

How many coats do i need to do?

This again depends on the current state of the grout that you will be re-colouring. If it is very discoloured then you should probably go for 2 coats to gain the best possible outcome. If the grout is ok but just slightly discoloured then one coat should be more than sufficient.  however the best way to find out is to simply do your first coat, then leave it for two hours. When you return you will be able to see how it is looking, and make your decision then.

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