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Made in Iran - Persian Rugs are the most beauitful and decorative rugs on the earth. They are handmade, yarn dyed and set in the sun to dry. Hand knotted rugs take long periods of time to make and require lots of concentration. The rugs become better the more they are walked on as the knots tighten more. A Persian rug is not the cheapest rug to buy but it is true quality that can last a lifetime. They can become addicitive and loved and lots of people collect them throughout their life.


Each rug is totally unique and handmade. Whilst there might be similarities between the rug there will only ever be one of each rug ever made exactly the same.

Persian Rugs are available in lots of different sizes and measurements. They are never exactly the measurement stated because as they are handmade this can be very difficult to make to one certain size.

History people from Iran have invested their entire life savings into these very special rugs and the rugs business can be seen as similar to the stocks and share business. - you can invest your money and re-sell it at a later point. This shows the quality and the strength of these rugs that is understood fully by the people of Iran.

These rugs are sold throughout the world these days and are extremely popular. They are a little more expensive to buy than ordinary rugs but this is very understandable, due to the beauty, the time, and the labour that goes into making such a sustainable, true quality rug.

Many rug producers have caught on to the fact that these rugs sell very well and liked by many people, and as a result of this you will often see "Fake" persian rugs on the market. These are usually wilton rugs that have been printed and stuck onto a latex type backing. You can find these one sale for a 1/10th of the price of a true persian rug. Whilst they may still look attractive it is very clear to see that the quality is not actually there.

On some Persian and Indian Rugs you will see different animals. This goes down entirely to the personality of the person who is making the rug.


Sometimes they will have deer, sometimes birds, sometimes horses..and so on.

Occasionally there are rugs with a very "white" coloured white in them. This is usually where silk has been used in the rug. You can see this very distinctively and it is a true reflection of the quality, the time taken and love that is put into making these rugs.

The more knots you find in these rugs shows the quality of the rug. More knots = better quality and the prices are also reflected by this key factor.

Some persian rugs have been known to sell for over 1 million dollars. This shows the similarity between art and rugs. The most expensive original paintings in the world sell for amounts of money that are not worth discussing and the persian rugs can be seen in a very similar way to this. The most common colours used in these rugs are Red, Blues, and Oranges. These are all very vibrasnt colours that can show expression and life in the same way that an artist would.

A persian rug is an investment. It is an investment for life. A piece of real true quality that will go with you wherever you may go and keep you company and look fantastic.

When you feel like letting it go you can do, and you know that you will not have lost money in the investment. Many people leave in Iran and throughout the world pass the rugs down to the younger generations within the family as they become older and die.

Persian Rugs can go in any room of the home, and in Iran these rugs are widely use throughout the entire home. There are runners, which are made for hallways and narrow areas as well as very small and very large rugs - depending on the area of the room that you might need to cover. There are even door mats that are made with fantastic decoration and elegance.

No matter what home you have, the correct persian rug consisting of the right colours would be sure fit in nicely and own the living space that it is given. The expressive colours will surely brighten up any room that becomes its home.

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