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Have you been the searching around for that perfect lava lamp with no success? Well if so then you have finally come to the right website! We have lots of lava lamps of all different shapes, colours and sizes that should meet all your needs content.

The common Lava lamp contains 2 types of liquid that when put together become very close in density and insoluable in one another. Different colours of oil are used along with water. When the lava lamp is not switched on you will be able to see that the coloured oils rest on the bottom of the lamp. When the lamp is switched on it is the bulb that in fact heats the liquid on the bottom and causes the reaction to take place.

There is lots of advantages and positives to owning a lava lamp!

  • Look great in any room, in any place
  • Available in lots of colours and sizes
  • Light up a room
  • Add colour and fun to a room
  • Make a great bedside or cabinet light
  • Modern
  • Really good Fun
  • Adults and Kids love 'em
  • You can buy now

Lava lamps are made into all different shapes and sizes and come with many different colours nowadays. Some have 2 colours whilst others have 3 colours floating around. It comes down to personal preference depending on which ones take your fancy. They can be a great asset and decoration to any room that they are placed in. They provide beauty along with light which is what makes them very noticeable and attractive. They are also very therapuetic, as you will find yourself relaxing if you sit and watch one.

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