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Patio Heaters

One way that you can enjoy your outdoor living space from spring all the way through the winter is by using a patio heater.

After all you've spent a lot of time and money making your outdoor living space just the way that you want it, so of course you're going to want to spent as much time as possible outdoors enjoying it.

Before purchasing a patio heater there are a few things that you will need to consider. Such as whether you want a tabletop or free standing patio heater also do you need an electric patio heater or a propane heater?

If you need to heat a large area then a propane heater will be the most economical choice. This is because gas is less expensive than electricity. A large size heater will easily be able to heat a 15-20 foot area.

Electric patio heaters are more handy when you need to heat a smaller area.

Buy A Tabletop Patio Heater

For smaller areas you might want to use a tabletop patio heater.

Endless Summer Tabletop Electric Patio Heater

This tabletop heater from endless summer makes a very attractive addition to your deck or patio. Heater heats up to a 12 foot area and has a safety tilt switch, this means that if the heater is accidentally knocked over it will automatically shut off.

Fire Sense Tabletop Propane Heater

If you require a little more heat from your tabletop heater you might want to check out this propane tabletop heater from fire sense.

Garden Sun Propane Tabletop Heater

This attractive little heater makes a great Christmas gift. There's nothing quite like sitting by the heater all warm and snug with a glass of wine while enjoying the Christmas lights.

Gastar Portable Tabletop Heater With MP3 Connector

Not only does this little heater make a great gift it's also pretty handy for out door parties when you would like to add a little music to improve the overall ambiance.

Patio Heater Tips

Consider Your Space

Before buying make sure to consider the space that you will need to heat. After all using a small tabletop heater in a large area will have very little effect, and there's really no reason to use a large heater in a small area.

Patio Heaters

Garden Sun Floor Standing Patio Heater

The garden sun patio heater has a safety tilt shut off valve and comes in your choice of four different colors. IT also warms up to a 15 foot radius area.

Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater

If you're looking for something a little more heavy duty you might want to check out this commercial heater by Fire Sense. This heater has 46,000 BTU's and heats up to a 18 foot radius area.

Fire Sense Infrared Indoor/Outdoor Heater

This heater warms a 9 foot radius area and because infrared heaters warm objects and not the air it's unaffected by a windy day.

Garden Sun Floor Standing Natural Gas Heater

This natural gas heater has 41,000 BTU's with a push button ignition system and an automotive shut off valve in case of tip over.

Dimplex Outdoor Radiant Heater

If you prefer a wall mounted heater you might want to check out this Dimplex radiant heater. Radiant heaters are sometimes preferred because they warm objects instead of air. This quiet running heater comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and fitted guard.

Patio Heater Covers

Its always a good idea to use a cover on your patio heater when it's not in use.

This will help to protect it from the elements and keep your heater looking just as good as the day that you bought it.


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