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Pers Tabriz Rug
Pers Tabriz Rug


Persian Tabriz Rugs (Made in Iran) are the most beauitful and decorative rugs on the earth. They are handmade, yarn dyed and set in the sun to dry. These beautiful hand knotted rugs take long periods of time to make and require large amounts of concentration, hard work, and commitment. The rugs become better with age as the more that they are walked on, the tighter the knots tighten. A Persian rug is is 100% true quality that can last a lifetime. They can become addicitive and loved and lots of people collect them throughout their life and then pass them on to their children when they pass away.

Unique Persians

  • Each rug is 100% unique. They are handmade and therefore you will only ever find one of each rug that is exactly the same.
  • Persian Rugs are never made to an exact size. Whilst they are being skillfully handmade they may have a size to aim for, but it will never be an exact measurement.
  • Historically in Iran people have invested their entire life savings into owning a Persian rug. Some buy rugs like european countries buy stocks and shares. There is very much pride involved with owning one of these beautifully made and decorative rugs.
  • Easy to re-sell at a later date as the older they get - the more they become worth.
  • Collectors items for many people.
  • Nowadays these can be found in rug shops throughout the world, however you will find an extra price stamp added to the rugs, so you are best off buying online.
  • Wilton rugs are now produced to look like a persian rug. They will sell for an absolute fraction of the price but the quality and the look of the rug is absolutely no comparison for the real thing.
  • Each rug has its own touch of uniqueness.

Personal Touch

  • Quite often the person who made the rug would have added something of importantance to them in the rug, see if you can find it.
  • Each rug tells it very own story.
  • The rugs are usually made in the mountains by children and adults that are very poor. Many of them make rugs for a living and consider themselves as lucky to have jobs.
  • Occasionally there are rugs with a very "white" coloured white in them. This is usually where silk has been used in the rug. You can see this very distinctively and it is a true reflection of the quality, the time taken and love that is put into making these rugs.

  • The quality of the rugs are measured by the amount of knots that each rug has. The rugs with the most knots have finer design and quality and are therefore more expensive to buy.

  • A persian rug is an investment. It is an investment for life. A piece of real true quality that will go with you wherever you may go and keep you company and look fantastic.

  • A persian rug should be regarded as a piece of art - a real master piece. They are not the cheapest rugs in the world to buy, and this is due to their pure unique qualities and artistic designs.

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