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Sheepskin Wool Rugs

Sheep Skin rugs can make a lovely addition to a home. Available in different sizes and colours. 100% sheepskin wool rugs. They add a touch of elegance and sense of softness that can make a home feel even more homely. After all lets be honest, home is probably the most important place in the world. A home is a place to relax from a hard days work, a place to feel comfortable and most importantly a place to spend time with the family. Many people also use sheepskin rugs to place in a babys push chair because the wool is very soft and comfortable. However you must be careful with this as the baby could potentially pull wool from the rug and choke on it.

Quality Traditional Sheepskin

Traditional sheepskin rugs will always be in the shape that you can see in the pictures to your left. This is because of the way in which the wool is taken from the sheep. This is the natural shape. 100% Wool - Real Quality rugs. Size depends on sheep - Average size is 24" x36" However you can now get bigger sizes that are custom made.

Bedside Sheepskin Rug

How about a double pelt sheepskin rug. This is 2 sheepskin rugs that have been joined in order to make one long rug. These approximate 24" x 72" in size and make for an excellent bedside rug.....

Hot Pink Sheepskin Rugs

Wow that is HOT! Why not jazz it up a bit!? Perhaps the usual Ivory colour is a little boring for your taste! If you fancy something a little bit hotter and totally unique, then perhaps these fine pinks will be right up your street. Available in hot pinks and pastel pinks! Size 24"x36".

Funky Blue Sheepskin Rugs

More HOT colours! Choice of 2 funky blue colours. There is the baby blue lighter colour, which would go well with a modern contemporary or traditional rooms. There is then the funky Hot blue colour which is more modern bright colour. These unique rugs will really add a touch of spice to your living areas.

Bedside Sheepskin Black

The Perfect Bedside Rug available in black. This is two sheepskin rugs joined from end to end to make a longer attractive rug. Approx size: 24" x 72".  Wake up to a soft touch on your feet in the mornings with this beautiful rug.

Baby Comforter

Here is the traditionally shaped very soft sheepskin rug that has been designed to be baby safe. Ideal for using a babys pram, or maybe even a bed.

Larger Sheepskin Rugs

Naturally Sheepskin come approximately 2 x 3 ft in size. However sometimes this is not neccesarily what we want! Therefore sheepskin rugs can be proffessionaly joined together in order to create bigger and more normal shaped rugs. In the rectangular rugs the seams are hidden and the rugs look and feel fantastic. Perfect for larger room areas, such as Living Room, Dining Room, Large Bedroom. If you prefer the traditional shape of sheepskin but would like a larger size then we have this 3 x 5ft Faux Beautiful Sheepskin rug, which should be right up your street. Mixing beauty with technology - a great mix.

Unique Chocolate Sheepskin

Perhaps You are looking for a chocolate brown colour sheepskin rug. If so then you would have previously found that they are extremely hard to find! here is one that measures 2x3ft and would look great in many modern day living rooms.

Still Want Bigger?

If the above rugs are still too small then perhaps this is the rug for you. This is a 6 pelt sheepskin rug. Approximately 4x6ft in size. Perfect for large living spaces - the ultimate sheepskin beauty. Fantastic joinings and still kept to the traditional style of a sheepskin rug.

Black Single Pelt Top Quality

Quality Sheepskin rug in black. Modern colour for modern rooms! Unique and Classy.

Rectangle Black Sheepskin

Here is a large rectangular black sheepskin rug which measures 4 x 6ft. Gorgeous rug that would go well in any modern day living space, inlcuding living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. No seams to be found anywhere. Top Quality and Classy Rug.

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