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It goes without say that everybody somewhere needs a trash can. Important for Hygience and cleanliness... with the only problem being you can never seem to find one that you like, and none of them are very attractive! With more and more recycling being imposed on us by local laws we must now recycle more than we have ever done so in the past. Therefore segmented bins, which are trash cans with either 2 or 3 compartments are becoming more and more popular! This allows the owner to seperate their rubbish, making it easier for disposal. However this is not for all. On this page I aim to give you some fantastic options when it comes to buying a trash can online.

The most popular type of trash can is the stainless steel ones. These are perfect for Kitchens and other rooms within a house. They are practical, functional and high in design. With the bins you can see here, you do not even need to touch them with your hands. These are high technology, advanced trash cans - aimed at really great hygiene.

We have Infrared trash cans which means that the bin lid lifts automatically when we go next to it. Cool invention that prevents you from having to touch the bin at all! The future is going hands free not just with phones, but with trash cans too!

You can then see a series of other bins which include pedals at the bottom of the bin. In order to make the lid lift, you just simply need to apply your foot onto the pedal to push it down. When you lift your foot away from the pedal the lid will close.

There are round bins, tall bins, rectangular bins, touch free bins, infrared bins and pretty much and type of trash can you could ever want. Towards the very bottom you can see that we have trash cans for the bathroom which are quite attractive and slightly smaller than most of the other trash cans on show here. This one completes complete with its very own stainless steel toilet brush as well, to make a marvellous matching set.

Dual Compartment Trash cans give you the opportunity to seperate your rubbish! These are becoming more and popular in many countries around the world as we see recycling reaching record highs.

Equally as hygenic and much cheaper in price these plastic bins are a fantastic opening for someone who is not to found of metalm materials. You have different colours, styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, and one of the beautiful things about a plastic bin is that they go in more rooms than the ordinary stainless steel bin. For example... If you wanted to take your little plastic trash can from the kitchen and perhaps put it in the living room, office or bathroom, then it would be more than likely to look OK in there and probably match. Whereas if you were to move your stainless steel bin from the Kitchen into the living room... I doubt it would go down quite as well!

We then have some open top bins which some may feel look more attractive. We have umbrella top bins, which swing from side to side when you put the rubbish in which are very popular in office's and we also have rubber made indoor trash cans.

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