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The Modern Wok
The Modern Wok

The Wok is a world famous cooking instrument that has been used by countries in Asia for thousands of years. The Wok is traditionally used to cook - Stir Fry's, Chow Meins, Chop Suey, Curries, Noodles and other popular asian dishes. Most popularly found in China and Thailand. The Wok is becoming more popular throughout the world. A real quality a wok should be made from Iron, and was originally designed to sit over a traditional wood stove. Tradition would show that once you have a wok then you will always want to upgrade to a better one. In the same way that you would with a car or a home. These days you can find lots of woks made from a whole arrangement of different metals! It is said that once you start cooking with a wok you won't want to use anything else to cook your meals with. Perhaps you already use a wok and you are in fact looking for your upgrade! We have lots of woks below for you to browse and purchase if you wish to do so. All items will be home delivered.

Carbon Steel Woks

Carbon Steels are stronger than many metals and they used to make good quality woks. The prices reflect the true quality of the products.

All these woks are 14inches in diameter which is the average size of the modern day wok.

Helens Chens is a 14inch beautifully crafted wok, with bamboo handles. Traditional and made from Carbon Steel. Joyce Chen Pro Chef 14 inch flat bottom wok, more adapted to modern day cooking | Uncoated carbon steel. Tom Douglas Unseasoned 14inch Chef Wok.

Concept Housewares 7 piece set comes complete with all the cooking aids you could ever need for your wok cooking. This is a great set up for a beginner.

Wok Lids

Wok lids can help when cooking food, to keep the moisture, the taste and the flavour inside of the wok. An experienced wok user will known that the lid is almost as important as the wok itself. As well aiding with cooking, the lid will keep the food hot for longer once cooked.

All Wok lids displayed are 14inches in diameter. There are flat lids as well as the more convential dome lids available. However if you like to be a little bit different then there is a lid here for you too. The 4th lid listed has its very own totally unqiue handle to prevent you from burning your hands when removing it.

Joyce Chen Nonstick Steel Dome Lid is ideal for just $14.95. Iron colour but made from steel.

Traditional Cast Iron Woks

Here is a fine selection of some more traditional cast Iron woks. Firstly there are traditional versions which come with a symmetrical handle on both sides of the wok. Secondly there are more modern Cast Iron woks that come with a longer handle and then a small one opposite.

Mr Bar-B-Q Cast Iron wok is a nicely shaped solid wok with loop handles. Lodge Pro Logic is very similar in appearance but is made with beautiful finishing touches. This is another 14inch cast iron wok with loop handles.  The Pow wok comes with just one handle. This wok is designed for quick and easy cooking. A modern solution mixed with the more traditional values of an iron wok. The Excell Steel wok is a super lightweight cast iron wok with two handles - one grab handle and one smaller handle. The Excell Steel wok is unique because it is smaller than the average wok, at just 13 inches. This is ideal for smaller living spaces and ideally smaller kitchens.

High Quality Iron Woks With Lids

Look Cookware are leaders in providing top quality cookware. These are wonderfully crafted woks that are build to endure a long life span. These are really pieces of magic and an absolute pleasure to have in anyones kitchen.

Great for exotic stir-frying as well as other common frying tasks. Two handle-alternatives for your choice of style: long handle and support handle or two side handles. The perfect Wok.

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