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The Insects

Insects are the largest group in the Animal Kingdom. They have three segmented body regions (head, thorax and abdomen) and six jointed legs in the adult stage, earning them the name hexapods. One or two pairs of wings and a single pair of segmented antennae are other distinctive characteristics of insects. These creatures are very important to humans from two extreme standpoints: they could either be beneficial or harmful to human existence. But regardless of the ecological role they play, they are fascinating creatures that capture human admiration. Their vivid colors and varied forms are captivating.

Is that a roach on your mug?

Cockroach Mug @ Amazon (check out the item below)
Cockroach Mug @ Amazon (check out the item below)

Many movies have been made to showcase their extraordinary life not known to most people; songs have been composed and dedicated to them; mascots have been patterned after them; numerous stories have been written about them, and they have taken part in lots of other human activities.

The very famous insects are the ladybugs and butterflies…Did I hear you say “and spiders too?”  Ooops sorry but spiders are not insects, well, they are related but again, spiders are not insects.  Count their legs and you’ll get eight…not six like what insects have.  They have only two body regions…not three.  They have no wings and no antennae. 

Colorful Insects on Mugs

Going back to ladybugs and butterflies, they are only a small fraction of the diversity of the insect group. With the collectible insect mugs from Amazon, you can see lots of other kinds of insects artistically painted and printed on mugs for better human appreciation. With Shopzeus insect mugs, colors are permanently baked on the mug’s surface. Others are hand painted ceramics and are not microwave and dishwasher safe types. Be sure to check.

Coffee Gift Basket with Free Insect Mug

Funny Insect Cartoon on Mugs

While others are real photos, there are also humorous insect cartoon illustrations to make your coffee moments a splendid break. Buy insect mugs or get them as gifts when you purchase a Coffee Gift Basket. This marketing strategy by 3dRose LLC is sure to delight both insect and coffee enthusiasts like me. Brilliant!!!

Six Kinds of Insects on a Mug

The ceramic coffee mug that features six kinds of North American insects, including Praying Mantis, Monarch Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Ladybug, Greenbottle Fly and Skipper Butterfly, is my favorite.

Cool Cockroach on a Mug

These are cool gifts that you can give to friends, relatives, classmates and officemates. Why drink from an ordinary mug when you can have insects on it? Is that a roach on your coffee mug? Cool!!!

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs usually hold 16 oz of fluid and of course would require a lid to avoid spillage plus two openings for sipping. Insect print on its surface is your lovely companion making your coffee or tea drinking a superb experience anytime, anywhere.

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