Why Should I Buy a Bathroom Mirror?

Bath mirrors look fantastic...
Bath mirrors look fantastic...

When I recently decided to redo my bathroom I thought it would be easy pick the flooring, and color of paint and add in some towels and curtains. Little did I realize how important the bathroom mirror really was. They come in all shapes and sizes and it the one item that is not restricted by preexisting water fixtures. Maybe a bathroom mirror is high on your priority list. But there are several reasons that it can really enhance your bathroom. It also gives you a real opportunity to customize the look and feel of a room that you spend a good deal of time in.

When someone enters into a bathroom the main focus and what is noticed first is the bathroom or vanity mirror. Everyone wants to check their reflection to make sure that hair is in place and nothing in the teeth. Buying a mirror is a must for vanity reasons. Ladies need them to do their makeup routines. Men need a vanity mirror to shave in front of. Men and women both use them when fixing their hair, and brushing teeth. A lot of times the bathroom is the only place that you have room to put a big mirror to check out your outfit and get a full view of yourself. Also it allows us to make sure our shirts are tucked in properly, nothing hanging out the back of our pants or skirts, and really just allows us to put our best face forward before we step out of the bathroom.

While there are a number reasons for a vanity mirror in the bathroom you can not overlook the aesthetic value it has in your bathroom. There are so many different types that can really enhance your bathroom. You can get one that is framed in wood, gold, or silver. Or you can go very streamlined and get one with a simple beveled edge. If you have a double sink you could add in double bathroom mirrors with a sconce or something in between. Having a mirror in a small place will also really open up the space and make it feel so much roomier. A vanity mirror also will reflect light and really make your bathroom brighter. This is great because a lot of bathrooms tend to not have any natural lighting. No matter what style you choose to go for it’s really going to be a focal point of your bathroom most of the time taking up a big portion of a wall and being the first and last thing a guest sees in your home.

...and they are very useful.
...and they are very useful.

Besides vanity and aesthetic reasons bathroom or vanity mirrors can conceal a great amount of storage. Many people tend to cover up unsightly medicine cabinets with mirrors. This really allows you to keep your bathroom area neat and uncluttered. Also when you have guests over you do not have to worry about what’s left out. Also this can take away a big safety hazard when your kids can not easily get to medicine and perfumes and other items that can be toxic.

A bathroom mirror is a must for every bathroom. It will help everyone in the family get ready. You will also be able to use it as storage if you choose to. But most importantly it will give you an opportunity to really dress up your bathroom and make it yours.

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