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 The Towel rail serves a purpose in the modern bathroom, which is to keep your towels organised and presented in a nice way. There are many different types of towel rail, but in the end it comes down to personal taste more than anything else.

Here is a selection of some basic, but very attractive and cheap towel rails. We have the Twist and lock towel rail which is available in 2 different sizes. This is one of the most functional and easy towel rails you will ever find.

The Brabantia Rail is simply a rail that you can attach immediately to a wall. Be sure that you have the right screws for the surface that are going to attach to as this is a common mistake that is made by people. Twist and Lock sounds simple, and you will see - it really is simple and functional!

Enjoy your organised towel rail!

If you are looking for something that does a little more than just hang your towels, then you are probably looking for a heated towel rail. Heated tail rails act as radiator and work in line with the central heating within a home. They also keep the towels warm so that when you get out of shower or bath, you have a nice warm towel to wrap around yourself. Once you are finished with the towel you can place it back on the rail where it can dry again.

Warmrails have a wonderful selection of heated wall mounted and also free standing towel rails. The prices are very competitve and the quality is excellent. These are becoming more and more poopular in homes throughout the world, and look 100% set to replace the old fashioned radiator in the bathroom.

There are unique and very nice styles here to choose from and it unusual to see free standing towel rails. This is good for bathrooms where you cannot mount to the wall for whatever reason.

A home should be considered as a place where you feel at ease and can relax. A huge part of your life and your world belongs in your home and therefore its important to really love it at home. Anything that can make our lives that little bit easier is surely worth investing in from time to time.

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