Buying Artwork for Your Home - Paintings or Prints?

What to Put on Your Walls

When decorating a home, one essential thing to have is something to cover the walls as this to me finishes off the home decor and can often bring together the rest of the furnishings.

But the choice of what to put on your walls can be a tricky one as there are plenty of options available. Not only can you put artwork on your walls but you could also choose something different like to hang a carpet or handmade rug, or perhaps something similar that you have picked up on your travels.

A custom piece of artwork can change a room. Painting and Photo (c) Azure11, 2008
A custom piece of artwork can change a room. Painting and Photo (c) Azure11, 2008

Original Art vs Prints

When choosing artwork for a room or wall you have a few options. Firstly, you might have to choose between paintings and photographs, or a combination of both. But also, if you want to have paintings on your wall do you have prints, original art or a combination of both?

If you are on a tight budget then there are plenty of options available to you to get cheap prints which can brighten up your home. These are available online and in many print or poster shops. You can choose a print and then also choose a frame that will match your furnishings. Obviously buying a print meas that you do not have something original and many other people could also have the same art in their homes!

If you do want to have something unique then you could choose to buy original art. This does not have to be hugely expensive and comes in many guises. You could buy anything from a painting done by a friend to an expensive piece bought at auction - but there are plenty of options in between.

Another option is to have your own pictures made into prints - whether these be of family and/or friends or pictures you have taken locally or on holiday - this means that you have your own custom piece of designed art that will be unique and the only cost you need to pay is for the printing and if needs be, framing. The current trend is for printing on canvas and there are plenty of places that will do this for you.

Get a local artist to create a painting that matches your furnishings. Painting and Photo (c) Azure11, 2007
Get a local artist to create a painting that matches your furnishings. Painting and Photo (c) Azure11, 2007

Buying Original Art

So if you decide to buy original art, you need to think about a few things:

  • Is this painting a one-off (i.e. no other copies will be made of this design)? An artist may have a similar series of paintings but each one is unique. Check that no other copies are made so that you know you have the only one.
  • Is the painting original? This could mean a couple of things, i.e is the design that of the artist you are buying it from rather than copied from a design on the internet or from another artist? Or is the painting an original and not a print?

Many paintings for sale online in particular, although they are hand-painted, are reproductions i.e. they are painted many times over so you are just buying one of many. If you want something original then make sure it is a one-off original design by the artist.

You can buy original art at a number of places – there are galleries and markets as well as art and craft fairs. If you buy direct from the artist then you will sometimes get a better deal than buying from a gallery as there are less costs involved. Trawl the markets and craft fairs and you will often find amateur and professional artists selling their wares. What you need to do is find a piece of art that just grabs you – there doesn’t have to be any reasoning about why it does as this is often what happens with art. But the key is if you find that piece that you love then take a chance and buy it there – if it is a one-off then chances are it won’t still be there when and if you come back to find it later. You can also find plenty of art for sale online in places like eBay. Once again take a good look at what you are buying and whether it is a one-off or whether it is made in a factory in China.

If you want a piece of art that particularly complements your furnishings then you can often get a local artist to create something for you. If you find an artist whose style you like and you give them a brief on size and colours then they will come up with an original piece of art for you. Once again, go to local markets, craft fairs and local art shows to find local artists that might be able to do this for you.

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sarah 5 years ago

I prefer paintings...

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

I agree sarah, although I think if finances don't allow then prints might have to do until that point.

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