Buying Guide for Convertible Wood Baby Cribs

Best Convertible Baby Cribs
Best Convertible Baby Cribs

Convertible Wood Baby Cribs

The first piece of furniture used by any human in this world is a crib. Traced back from history, a crib is used for resting infants, as it is completely secure. During, the early period, the designs of the cribs were extremely basic. Mostly, it was a wooden log, hollowed out on the inside. But with the improvement in the life style, everyday, new and innovative features like railings have been added to make them more comfortable and safe. These modern designs also make the baby area more organized. Though there are new designs, still the wooden materials are used for creating the cribs. The quality of wood used may vary from soft wood to highly durable hard woods like oak and maple. And they come in a wide variety of finishes ranging from plain finish to colored finish.

A convertible wood baby crib changes with your child; it can be converted from a crib to a bed and has many more added features. It helps the child to comfortably shift from the cradle to a standard bed.

Tips While Buying the Convertible Wood Baby Cribs

Points to be considered when selecting a good convertible wood baby crib:

  1. Strength of the convertible wood baby crib is the most important as it is going to be used for a long time. Also, it should be able to withstand the weight of a baby who starts jumping holding onto things as he grows.
  2. Safety rails of the baby cribs should be high to ensure the baby cannot climb over it. Also, the rails should not be narrowly spaced such that the baby gets caught in them.
  3. Ensure that there are no sharp edges either on the inside or on the outside, to ensure safety of the baby and people who move around the house.
  4. Adjustable mattress height is important as it will help in containing the baby inside the convertible wood baby crib if he/she outgrows the initial height settings.
  5. Teething rails should be fitted over the top of the rails. This is to prevent the child from chewing on the wooden railings of the convertible wood baby crib.
  6. Wooden cribs should have a non – toxic finish.
  7. Modern cribs are fitted with casters for easy movement within the house. These casters should have locks so that it will remain stationary. Because when the child grows, he will tend to hold onto the things and stand.
  8. Purchase the mattress required for the crib from the same place where you buy the crib.
  9. Be careful while purchasing second hand cribs. Check if they are in good condition and also refer if they follow the current safety guidelines. Also check if the base is intact and the joints are in good condition.

Organic Baby Cribs

Most of the convertible wood baby cribs have to be assembled, so it would be favorable to find one that is easy to assemble. Besides these, some additional facilities that may be provided in cribs are drawers. Cribs with provisions for automatic rocking are common too. Keep in mind these simple tips to purchase the finest first piece of furniture for your child.

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