Camouflage Bedding

No longer a domain for just military issued clothing, the patterns that are described as camouflage have proved a very successful hit in the civilian sphere. The main reasons are the almost infinite amount of patterns that can be used and the colors combinations are just as vast. Some of these patterns and combinations are truly fascinating and almost hypnotizing in their nature; it sometimes looks like people are walking around wearing a Jackson Pollock painting. If the goal of the designers were to attract attention, one would have to give one’s opinion in the positive. Now these beautiful, fascinating patterns have entered the sphere of our bed linen and there is certainly some attractive camouflage bedding options out there.

Whether you are picking out a pattern for your son’s or even tomboy daughter’s bedroom or something nice for a wilderness hunting cabin the choices are certainly vast and seemingly endless. You see the camouflage pattern can suit any combination of colors and would suit any room’s color scheme. However the color scheme that really makes the pattern shine is the one it was originally designed for, to suit and adapt to the natural environment the pattern finds itself in.

We humans are creative and can come up with some beautiful works of art but most of the time we bow to the master and simply copy nature in our artwork. Now the charm of camouflage patterns becomes clear. Close your eyes and imagine autumn color patterns or moss on tree color combinations or the beauty of a mountain forest at dusk. Think of how warm, comforted and relaxed these colors make you feel compared to the grey colors and square shapes of the city. The fact is waking up and seeing a pattern on our bedding that is an autumn, mossy oak or summer real tree color combination is extremely relaxing, distressing and looks just plain beautiful. Nature’s rejection of squares and right angles and her embracing of all over the place, no particular shape color combinations even make grey look attractive.

The fact is that we will never beat or even match nature in the creation of beautiful art and colors, so we might as well simply replicate her. Not only is camouflage bedding extremely attractive and can turn any bedroom into a private sanctuary that we long to be in; but the clothing we wear to bed is exceedingly enhanced by these patterns. There seems to be something extremely sexy about a woman in camouflage panty and camisole lingerie.


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