Captain's Beds Are Great For Storage.

Captains Beds Aren't Just For Captains Anymore

Creative storage solutions can enhance any room of the house. Try to think outside of the box. There are creative ways to expand your current storage space. Even the most meticulous people can always use extra storage space. Without a serious construction project, our houses cannot change shape or expand. Therefore,  we must think creatively.  Finding that extra storage space in your home can be a real bonus.

Pictures of Captains Beds

Gorgeous full sized captains bed.
Gorgeous full sized captains bed.
Excellent example of a child's captains bed
Excellent example of a child's captains bed

Captains Beds Utilize Unused Storage Space

A captains bed is a fabulous way to access underutilized storage space. The space under our beds is often used to store assorted and seldom used items such as Christmas wrapping paper or some seasonal sporting equipment. It isn't so much that we store items under our beds but rather we stick items under our beds. Once stuck under the bed these items often become forgotten and always gather dust.

Captains beds are beds with drawers built into the box spring and frame. Some times shelves are used. These beds are essentially built on a set of drawers. Generally these drawers are two drawers wide and two drawers high. Captain's beds are a perfect idea for the kids rooms. Even the smallest of kids can readily access these drawers. For the littlest ones these drawers are perfect for storing toys and books. As the kids get older and can dress themselves, these drawers are perfect for socks, underwear and sweaters.

A single width Captains bed has space for 4 separate drawers and the drawers are generally accessed from only one side of the bed. Larger beds such as double, matrimonial, queen or king sized Captain's beds would have drawers on both sides of the bed and accordingly provide double the storage capacity. Extra pillows and blankets are perfectly stored under the bed. The extra drawer space provided by a double sized captain's bed is of a greater capacity than the drawer space in a large dresser and, better yet, takes up no extra floor space.

Captain's beds are becoming very popular bedroom furniture. They cost a wee bit more than an average bed but cost a lot less than an average bed plus a dresser. These beds can be found from a number of different sources. Most major department stores will stock single width Captains beds and will have the ability to special order larger sized captain's beds. Captains beds are also fairly easy to build but you need to make sure that you use decent hardware and strong drawer runners. Plans for the construction of these beds can be found online or at your local home renovation store. You may also be able to find books with plans at your local library.

Think about capitalizing on some of the unused storage space in your home. The addition of a Captains bed is really a great idea. Think about incorporating a captains bed into one of the bedrooms in your home. You are bound to appreciate the extra storage space. The average Captains bed is only slightly larger than a regular bed. It is hard to even tell the difference in size. However, the extra storage space is significant. Captains bed make for good storage solutions.

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june of ages profile image

june of ages 6 years ago

Interesting take on an older subject. Personally, I like a higher bed. It just looks better in my opinion. I really do not like the lower Asian inspired beds. Thanks for the fan mail.

Curious Jen profile image

Curious Jen 6 years ago from Canada/Nicaragua

When they were little I would let my twins sleep in the bottom drawers of their brother's captains bed. I didn't need to buy new beds until they were 4 years old. Great storage and cost saving!

greg austin profile image

greg austin 6 years ago from Canada Author


Of course you are kidding. That is a funny visual image but I don't want anyone to think that is a good idea.

Curious Jen profile image

Curious Jen 6 years ago from Canada/Nicaragua

Indeed. I was kidding. I was in a silly mood when I wrote that comment and I knew you wouldn't be too annoyed with me.

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

I've always liked the captain's beds, especially for boys.

greg austin profile image

greg austin 6 years ago from Canada Author


Initially captains bed were mostly "boy" furniture. However, these days people are living in smaller spaces (ie condos) and really need to find extra storage space. There are a lot of really elegant captains beds on the market for adults.

Thanks for your comments.

Lynda 15 months ago

I realize this is an old post but does anyone know where I might find the black captain's bed (in Canada)? I love it!! Thanks

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