Carpet Cleaning Tips And Secrets

Carpet Cleaning Secrets

How to Use a Carpet Steam Cleaner

Tips on Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning With a Home Steam Carpet Cleaner

Tips on Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning With a Home Steam Carpet Cleaner

Tips on Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning With a Home Steam Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning Tips And Secrets

Did you know that detergent attracts dirt and that is the real reason you should use and purchase the correct cleaning solution for your carpet steamer or any carpet cleaning machine you may rent. Also be sure to follow the instructions on the carpet steamer when you are preparing to clean and cleaning your carpet.

One easy way to clean heavily stained areas is with the use of a shop vacum. No you can't use a shop vacum to clean a carpet but what you can do is clean a stained spot or spots with your carpet steamer and suck up the water each time with your shop vacum. You won't believe how much easier this makes it to clean badly stained carpets or badly stained spots on carpets.

If you have really dirty or stained spots you may want to obtain a scrub brush with a handle and a bottle of good carpet stain remover. You spray the dirty or stained spots before you do any other carpet cleaning and when you do steam clean the carpet you will be amazed at how easy the dirty and stained spots come perfectly clean.

Be sure before you steam clean your carpet that you vacum the carpets very well. A good through vacuming will make your carpet cleaning turn out so much better. Be sure to move all small items off the carpet and if you plan to steam clean your carpet under the furniture have someone there to help you move the furniture around as you clean the carpet.

If you have coffee stains on carpet that you just can't seem to get up mix up a teaspoon of white vinegar , a half teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and a quart of hot almost boiling water. Use this solution and your scrub brush and the coffee stains will come right out of your carpet. Steam clean over where the stain was and you will have a perfectly clean carpet.

And at least once a year you may want to have a professional carpet cleaner come in and clean your carpets. Be sure to ask your neighbors, family and friends for a company they would recommend to clean your carpet. Be sure that the company you choose cleans all the carpet and that they move and put back furniture. Why pay for a professional carpet cleaning if all they are going to clean is the middle of the floor. You want all your carpets cleaned if your going to the expense of having a professional carpet cleaner come in including the carpet under the beds and under the furniture.  

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So do you have a carpet cleaning comment you would like to make.Why not post it below now. No Links Please. 21 comments

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ecocarpecleaning 2 years ago

Great carpet cleaning tips but still could be useful

Fresh chili peppers 4 years ago

I really like your post.It's very informative and interesting. I really appreciate that.thanks for sharing information with us.

Digital Medical Machines 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing informative information with us.

Lisa 4 years ago

how can i clean a really bad stained carpet that has set for 4 years

carpet-cleaning-malvern 5 years ago

its really hard to discuss the topic of which the best steam or dry carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Brighton Vic 5 years ago

well i always vacuum before starting any job, and recently bought a swivel sweeper and used it after cleaning to pick any small stuff on the carpet.

love this blog anymore we can read

Mi Cleaning  5 years ago

Interesting.. Thanks for the great information.. And also for the completely best carpet cleaning that anybody can have. Well thanks, it's a great help... It is my first time here in this site... That is why it calls my attention to visit it again for more source of new information.. Great article..

carpet cleaning phoenix 6 years ago

Nice Post. A lot of good info. It shows whether using a professional or doing it yourself, the right info and help can definitely make things easier.

cleaners in leeds 6 years ago

Some great points there - I agree vacuuming before you steam always works a treat!

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macklinblog8 6 years ago

You made various fine points there. I did a search on the issue and found the majority of folks will consent with your hub.

Blueyed_gem 6 years ago

So I don't use detergent in my soap mixture because the statement above is true the detergent does attract dirt. However I do use fabric softener in my water and soap mix. Not only does it smell like Ive put the entire room in the washer it makes the carpet softer for my baby who is learning to crawl.

Cleaning Didsbury 6 years ago

I would certainly agree with vacuuming before you steam carpets. Try to use the most powerful vacuum you can for best results. It will also make the steaming easier too.

Kingscliff Carpet Cleaner 6 years ago

The Capret Cleaning tips you provide here are so good you could put me out of business - Only joking, but seriously - this is great preactical information. A lot of the time the average householder can fix without the need to call in a professional like me.

Great advise and very welcomed

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne 6 years ago

These is really a great article and I'd like to say thanks for the information about some carpet cleaning tips. I have now some useful tips on how to make a home looks beautiful.

Austin carpet cleaning 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing these. I don't think many people realize how much carpet cleaning can help the value of your home - and help your carpet last much longer. I can't emphasize how important it is to get recommendations from friends, read reviews, etc. so you can make sure you're getting someone you can trust to make your home look beautiful.

Order Cleaning 6 years ago

Really useful tips! Thank You!

Burg's Enterprise 6 years ago

We not only offer professional carpet cleaning services, but we also offer carpet cleaning spotter solutions. These are very helpful for small stains that do not require a full carpet cleaning, and are something someone can do at home without scheduling any appointments or anything.

halı yıkama 6 years ago

Thank you for your information.

Colorado Springs Carpet 6 years ago

This is a great post with some great Carpet Cleaning tips. i think this video is very helpful for clean the carpet. thanks for your great information. :)

best carpet cleaner 7 years ago

Many things to avoid and to do for cleaning carpet.

best carpet cleaner 7 years ago

Many things to avoid and to do for cleaning carpet.

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