Carrier Heating Systems

If you're in the market for a top of the line heating system, then Carrier may be able to offer you the heating solution that you're looking for. With several models designed to meet almost any demands, both in terms of space and budget, finding a system that is perfect for you is just a matter of choosing the right model.

Those looking for more traditional heating systems would be impressed by Carrier's oil and gas furnace line. With several models to choose from, each designed to meet the demands of a customer's budget, finding an energy efficient and reliable furnace to suit your needs is a definite possibility. For those that want a furnace that is dependable, energy efficient and affordable, the Comfort™ gas and oil furnace series is a definite pick, which ranges from 80% to 95.5% AFUE depending on the model. For those that can spare a bit more for better performance and efficiency, the Performance™ series ranges from 80% to 96.5% AFUE. At the top of the line is the Infinity® series, which can reach up to 98.5% AFUE offering one of the best choices for gas and oil furnaces available anywhere.

Carrier's heat pump line is divided into three more categories, namely split systems, ductless systems and packaged systems, each also separated into Comfort™, Performance™, and Infinity® models designed to match a customer's budget.

Their split systems can range from 15.2 SEER / 9 HSPF to 16 SEER / 9 HSPF for their Comfort™ models, 15.5 SEER / 9 HSPF to 16.5 SEER/ 9.5 HSPF for their Performance™ models and 16 SEER / 9 HSPF to 19 SEER / 9.5 HSPF for their Infinity® Split System model. An additional model, the Infinity ® Series with Greenspeed™ Intelligence has been rated at an amazing 20 SEER / 13 HSPF, and has been regarded by Carrier as the pinnacle of its engineering.

For those that want to install a heating system but don't have the necessary duct-work to support the traditional heating solutions, getting a ductless heating system is the right choice for you. Their ductless Comfort™ Residential / Commercial series rates at 13.0 SEER / 7.7 HSPF, while their Performance™ Residential and Commercial Ductless systems range from 13.0 SEER / 7.7 HSPF to 16 SEER / 8.2 HSPF. Their high end ductless system, the Toshiba-Carrier series, rates from 19.5 SEER / 11.5 HSPF to 21 SEER / 11.9 HSPF for the commercial models and 23 SEER / 10.0 HSPF for the residential series.

Carrier's packaged heat systems, or what they call Hybrid Heat™ is perfect for those that want the best combination of both the oil or gas furnace and an electric heat pump. Their Comfort™ package systems rate at 13 SEER / 7.7 HSPF, the Performance™ at 14 SEER / 8.0 HSPF and the Infinity® Packaged System at 15.5 SEER / 8.0 HSPF.

The final and one of the best heating solutions that Carrier offers is its Geothermal Heat Pump line, whose performance and efficiency can't be matched by any conventional heating system. With their ratings ranging from 16.4 EER / 3.1 COP (closed loop) and 23.1 EER / 4.0 COP (open loop) for the GT-PW Series up to the top tier GT-PX Series that rates up to 27.0 EER / 4.6 COP (closed loop) and 31.5 EER / 5.1 COP (closed loop), along with the other different models in between, they are certainly one of the best heating solutions available in the market today.

The Carrier Corporation has always been one of the best manufacturers of air conditioners and heating systems in the world. They offer a wide variety of heating solutions that are meant to satisfy the different needs of each individual consumer. If you're in the market for an innovative and reliable heating system, then take a look at what Carrier has to offer.

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