Tips for Ceiling Lighting

If you just bought a new home, or are redecorating a current one, you have probably considered redoing your ceiling lighting in a few of your rooms.  The lighting in your rooms has a dominant role in setting the ambiance of your house.  At night, if you don't have adequate lighting, you can end up affecting your energy levels and mood.  Also, if you have poorly chosen ceiling lights, they can affect the activity and quality of certain rooms.  For example, in a home theater, if you have the wrong types of ceiling lights, you can make it difficult to see the television (or when the lights are dimmed) difficult to move around without stubbing a toe.

With the properly chosen ceiling light fixture, however, you can really bring out the best in the room.  Since there are so many different types of light fixtures to choose from, you can find the ones that match the room and your decorative style completely.  Also, paired with your ceiling lights, you should have lamps as well.  Lamps are great for adding contrast to your rooms current lighting.

Ceiling Light Functionality

The number one thing that you should consider when choosing a new ceiling light fixture is its functionality.  If you choose a poorly designed fixture, you can end up making the lighting in the room much more difficult.  Certain fixtures can end up blocking some of the light which makes them less effective.  So, before choosing a light because of its looks, make sure it lights up well too.

Also, when choosing a ceiling light, make sure it works well for the room it's going to be in.  Again, if you're a making a home theater, you'll want lights that works well in that type of room.  They need to be able to be dimmed as well as have the capacity to not cause a glare.  Direct light sources are very bad in a rooms with a electronic screens (monitors, televisions, projectors) because they can make it very difficult to see.  So, for best results, make sure you consider what you're going to using the room for before purchasing any type of light fixture.

The Importance of Light Bulbs

The light bulbs you choose for your ceiling lighting also play a major role in the success of your lighting endeavors.  While energy saving bulbs are great for the environment, they aren't always great for keeping your home lit up.  But, if you're interested in keeping your home nice and bright, you don't have to skip out on energy efficiency altogether.  After trying a making sure that energy efficient bulbs don't work for you, try mixing some higher intensity bulbs with them in the same room.  Many times this can work really well and end up saving a few dollars per year on your energy bill while still maintaining a proper lit house.


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