Chain Saw Sharpener

A hand-file is the easiest form of Chain saw sharpener available. It is a chainsaw sharpener with a round file with a diameter which corresponds to that of the chain saw. This simple way of sharpening a chain saw is ideal for a quick on the site duties. A professional chainsaw sharpener on the other hand is electrically operated and it makes jobs much easier and straight forward. The professional chainsaw sharpener makes use of eccentric levers between two guided bars and the guides are ideal for keeping the chains at the right angle for sharpening.

 The chain of this professional sharpener can be moved to the next tooth with the aid of some pins. Grinding wheels of varying thicknesses are also available and can be adopted to chains from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch pitch.  A large safety shield is often used in covering the grinding wheel during the sharpening processes. The effectiveness of the chainsaw sharpening machine itself is determines by two main factors which are; the angle applied to grind the tip of the chain and the shape of front of the chain tooth. The sharpening angle can be adjusted on the clamping device while the chain tooth is determined by the thickness and shape of the grinding wheel.

There are several types of chain saw sharpener around. The cheapest and the easiest to operate is the hand-held file that you can carry in your toolbox or chain saw case. It comes in  several different diameters depending on the size of your chain and the teeth pitch.  The most common sizes are 1/4” and 3/8” files.  Electric chainsaw sharpener is another common type of chain saw. This type operates on a 115V 45T01.01 standard chain sharpener power requirement. It is an automatic chainsaw which operates quickly and give great turnaround in jobs.

Chain Saw Sharpener

The round hand-held file chainsaw sharpener is another type of chainsaw sharpener around today. This type comes with a special guide that allows a user  maintain a correct angle while sharpening.  The bar mounted guide is another type of chainsaw sharpener which you can make use of. It is portable and can be taken with you and used in the back of your truck.  You attach the guide mechanism to the bar of your chain saw and both the side angle and upwards angle can be set and maintained perfectly.  This type of chainsaw is cost effective.

There are several chainsaw safety and maintenance procedures that must be followed to ensure that chainsaws are perfectly secured. Always read manuals and wear a pair of leather gloves while using a chainsaw.  Check the lubrication every time you sharpen your chain saw, you need to ensure that the chain sprocket at the front of the bar is greased every time you sharpen the saw.  A pocket-sized grease applicator with the small nipple fitting that’s made for the saw is ideal for this maintenance step.  You should also check the back end of the bar for any excessive debris that may be jammed in the housing.

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