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When we look at something artistically painted, it makes us smile. Or, we think of major painting projects like painting a room or a piece of furniture. Unless we paint for a living, we typically don't think of paint on a regular basis. Few of us are aware of how paint can assist us in our everyday lives--how we can change anything with paint. I am going to give you some ways to use paint that you might never have considered.

Paint Stains

Paint won't come out of our clothes. If we spill some, we know instinctively to wipe it quickly. It stains!

One day I bought a house that had small, white ceramic tile on one of the bathroom floors. Unfortunately, the grout between the tiles had turned black. Thinking a good cleaning would solve the problem, I mopped, but that didn't help. So, I got on my knees and scrubbed the grout with an abrasive cleaner and a toothbrush. The stain would not budge. Finally, I poured bleach on the grout--still nothing! In frustration, as a last resort, I took a tiny paintbrush and began painting the grout white. It took! Since paint stains and grout is porous, the many floor washings that followed never changed the white color.

Paint Makes Things Look New

Anyone who uses his fireplace quickly learns there about problems with black soot permanently staining the stone or brick above the opening. I have bought two houses with black stains on the brick above the fireplace openings. On the first house the stain looked terrible. Friends told me to have it sand blasted or paint the entire brick area a different color. I didn't like either suggestion.

I remembered that paint stains, so I took a chance, went to a hobby store, and bought some gray and red paints. My touch-up looked amazing! One of my friends was a Realtor who came to the house to list it, walked into the family room to note the stained fireplace, and looked shocked. She looked at the fireplace stunned and asked, "How did you get rid of that black stain?" Even close examination didn't reveal what I had done.

Painting Outside Brick

Another thing I learned is that the right paint stains outside brick, exposed to rain, without streaking when wet. The wall in this picture shows that some foundation or brick work has been done. There is no reason to announce to the world that your house or building is flawed or has been repaired. (Remember, you can change anything with paint!) Go to the hobby store. Purchase a few bottles of $2 acrylic paint (not water-based paint). You will need to mix the paint to match the bricks and the mortar. You can also purchase concrete caulking to fill in cement gaps, but you may need to add some gray paint to match colors.



A Good Primer

I was once trying to sell a house that had a shed as rusted as the one shown here. I was working with an investor and pressed for time. I needed it to look good now--no time to scrape rust or paint multiple times. What did the quick fix was a paint primer called KILZ. That was applied first, followed by a matching outdoor house paint. The results looked amazing! Everyone thought the shed was brand new.

Wall Hangings


Paint Touch-Up

Unfortunately, I move frequently. This means, among other things, patching and repairing nail holes where curtains or pictures hung. First, go to the hardware store and purchase some caulking in a tube, that can be painted, for nail holes. After you have patched your holes, go to the hobby store and purchase several small bottles of paint, then mix the paint to match your wall color. (I usually use acrylic paint.)

Check the grout on your tiled floors. If you drop something like a blueberry onto the grout, the stain will not wash away. Again, use the miracle of paint!

Paint: White on White/Black on Black

 White on white always looks better than black on white. I needed to finish a rehab home once that was about to go on the market, and the garage walls were terribly marked. With no time to paint the whole garage or even to match the paint color (off-white), I took the white paint I had and painted over the marks. At first glance (which is what a buyer first does) the garage looked freshly painted, proving once again that you can change anything with paint. (Side note: once a buyer falls in love with a home, he will not reject it because the garage is only spot painted.) So remember, white on white and black on black always look better than black on white or white on black.


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