Changing the Air Conditioner Filter

Central Air Conditioning

Day in and day out the central air system comes on and cools or heats the home. As long as it works, we give it no thought.

Our electrical bill starts to go up and we do not understand why. We are not using more electricity than we usually do.

There is black smut coming out of the vents making the ceiling look dirty.

The air conditioner water drain is not draining like it used to. The condensation is coming out of another pipe.

The air in the home is starting to smell stale.

Allergies seem to be bothering people more in the home.

The air conditioner seems to run longer than it used to.

Well. all of these issues point to the air filter. The A/C filter is a very important tool when it comes to cooling or heating the home. It must be changed every 30 days.

If not then bad things start to happen to the coil that is inside the A/C unit. Dirt starts filtering through the dirty filter and starts to stick to the coil unit. This dirt clogs the coil unit and air does not flow through the coils like it should.

When the air flow is restricted, the unit does not cool like it should. The condensation does not drain like it should. The electric bill goes up.

All of this can be prevented by changing the air filter on a regular basis.

However, do not buy the cheapest filter you can find. These will usually not do a good job. A good filter has a rating of 1200 or more. Generally these are 90 day filters but I still change them every 45 to 60 days.

They cost more but they are well worth the cost. Having a technician out to clean the coils could cost as much as $500, not to mention the higher electrical cost.

I have posted some pictures of clean and dirty filters.

Air Conditioner Filters

Dirty filter vs Clean filter
Dirty filter vs Clean filter
New Pleated Filter
New Pleated Filter
Dirty Pleated Filter
Dirty Pleated Filter

Great Filter

In the photos to the right, you see what a clean and dirty filter look like. I am using a 3m 1200 filter. It is a ninety day filter, however, I usually change it at 30 days. Because it is so good at capturing particles, it clogs up fast. This filter cost about $20 but is well worth the price. We breath a lot easier in our home since it helps to take out allergens as well as dust. It also helps clean the air and leave it with a fresh smell.

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toneyahuja 5 years ago from India

it is an important information about the changing air condition filter. I like it.

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