Cheap Kitchen Gadgets - List of 10 Kitchen Utensils Every Kitchen Should Have

Essential Cooking Utensils

There are a number of tools and equipments that can enhance your ability in cooking. Try at least one of these that finds very useful to you. Being able to have varieties of items in the kitchen is a great thing. These appliances save our time a lot and make the cooking process much interesting. Once you buy them you will understand its importance in the kitchen.

The top 10 most important things to have in the kitchen. You don't need a bunch of fancy expensive gadgets and gizmos! This is all you need.

If you want to start cooking more at home, you have to have the proper tools in your kitchen. If I had to narrow it down to ten, here is what I would consider the essentials of any kitchen:

1) Microwave Oven

Now microwave ovens are less expensive when compared to past. The new models even contain sensors in them. It’s really a very useful thing in our kitchen. It helps us to make varieties of dishes within a small period. It is used to heat or melt things. Baking cakes and biscuits have now become a very simple task. Operating it is also very easy. Even small children can operate it without any fear.

2) Colander

A colander has the shape of a bowl with a lot of small holes on it. The difference between a colander and strainer is that the colander contains bigger holes when compared to a strainer. A colander is very useful to extract the coconut milk after it is grinded and also to strain pasta. It is also used to drain water from vegetables after washing or cooking. Lady’s finger if cooked just after washing is very sticky. So first wash it well and put it in the colander for some time. Then cook it. It would really taste much better. Colanders can either be metal or plastic. They come in all different sizes and colors.

3) Sauce Pan

A sauce pan is a deep round shaped pan with vertical sides and a long handle. It’s mainly used to stew or boil. Usually sauce pans range in size from half litre to six litres. It can be used to prepare all types of food. I am including some tips for its long lasting.

  • Keep the sauce pan on the burner which correctly matches its base size.
  • Life of a sauce pan can be extended if cooked at the right temperature.
  • Wooden or plastic utensils are the best to be used on sauce pans.
  • Hand wash the sauce pans with a spongy brush.
  • Don’t use dish washers to wash it.

4)Salad Spinner

Salad spinner is a very useful kitchen tool. We can wash and also remove the excess water from salad green using it. It is also known by the name Salad tosser. Water from leaves is removed using centrifugal force. This process helps oil to stick on to the leaves well. It is a very essential gadget that has occupied its place in many kitchens.

I also use my salad spinner to remove the extra water from pasta. It’s really a convenience to own it. It’s definitely worth owning it, to prepare salad for a large group. I think its one of the most useful thing I have purchased in quite some time.

Kitchen Essentials - The 5 Items Every Kitchen Needs

5) Juice Mixer Grinder

It makes the process of cooking much entertaining. It helps us to lead a healthy life. It also saves our time. Some of them can also be used to crush cereals and to chop vegetables. The new models require only very less space for its storage. Two things to be noted while using it:-

a. If any of its components are damaged, don’t use it.

b. Fix the jar first and only then plug–in the grinder.

c. Keep the jar dry after each use.

6) Kettle

Kettles are small kitchen appliance especially used for boiling water. It is commonly known as ‘tea kettle’. Kettles can be heated using stove or electricity. The electric kettles available now are used to heat up water for tea or coffee. For any thing requiring hot water an electric kettle is of great use. Else waiting near the stove for the water to get boiled is a waste of time. It also fulfils our steam requirements. It can also be used as a decorative piece. It can be used to make instant noodles or soups

7) Toaster Ovens

They are small electric ovens. Bread can be toasted in it by placing them on the rack. When the bread is toasted the toaster turns off. It can perform almost all the functions of an oven. It is normally larger in size than an ordinary toaster. Large number of items can be cooked in it. Glass cook wears cannot be used in them.

8) Choppers and Slicers

In this busy world people don’t get enough time to chop or slice vegetables to prepare their meals. But for a healthy meal it’s very necessary. There is where choppers and slicers find their way. Using them we can decrease the time for preparation of food. It makes cooking enjoyable too. Different types of choppers and slicers are now available. Select the one that suits you the best and lead a healthy life.

9) Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are mainly used for mixing ingredients. There are mixing bowls of steel, glass, non-slip designs etc. Colorful earthenware bowls are also available. The glass bowls can be used in a microwave oven too. Instead of using the traditional cake pan in ovens, use mixing bowls. This can be used for making a domed shape or round cake. To melt or heat something in a microwave oven, it is better to use a plastic bowl.

10) Induction Stove

Induction is a method of cooking which is entirely different from other cooking technologies. An induction stove plays a vital role in kitchen. It works on electricity and the process is really very quick. Making a cup of tea is now possible within seconds. Operating it is also very easy. We can also control the temperature according to our need.

The above shown appliances are very essential ones. They will promote you a wonderful cooking experience.

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