Checklist for Buying Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have become a hot commodity as they add beauty and value to your home, but shopping for granite countertops can be tricky. Use the following checklist to make a great long term investment for your home.

  • Buy your sink before you buy your countertop. For a smooth installation of the countertop, the manufacturer/provider needs to know what kind of sink you’re using, or planning to install. Countertops made for drop-in sinks require less granite cutting, and are generally less expensive. Also, choosing the countertop first and then the other furniture may be in your best interest. Whether you put your granite in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it will most likely attract more attention than the furniture around it.
  • Check price information from multiple providers before buying. The price of granite countertops varies a lot, and it’s because of the different fabrication costs that manufacturers have. The raw granite has the same price across the SUA, but the cutting and shaping processes required to create a countertop are priced differently by every manufacturer.

  • Chose your countertop in person. Don’t ever base your decision on samples alone. Each natural stone has a unique look, and even small differences in shading or veining can have a big impact on how your countertop looks. Samples are always helpful, but never 100% reliable. Go to the location of the provider and see the stone with your own eyes. Even the pictures that manufacturers put on the web don’t tell the whole story.
  • Focus on quality. A countertop is a long term investment, much like a front door; once you’ve installed it, you’re not likely to replace it anytime soon. If you choose a high quality product offered by a reliable provider who installs it well, you will enjoy it for decades, or even for a lifetime. It’s better to spend top dollar on a countertop than it is to settle for a compromise for the sake of cost or appearance.

  • Get slabs from the same lot. Most manufacturers will number the granite slabs they sell. It’s best to choose pieces that are numbered consecutively because it means they had been cut one after the other. They will have the same texture, color, and quality. Also, find out where the granite comes from. Italy and Brazil tend to be regarded as the best sources for enduring and beautiful granite. These also happen to be the most expensive. Other good providers include South Africa, Spain, Russia, and of course the US.
  • Ask your provider for maintenance tips. According to granite countertop fabricator in Greensboro, a helpful provider will recommend the best cleaning product and also offer professional maintenance services for fixing small cracks, repair damaged edges, and re-polish a dull surface.

Review this checklist, maybe even print it and take it with you when you go shopping for granite countertops, and refer to it as often as you have to. You won’t be disappointed with your new countertop.

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Osamu 3 years ago

I used this recipe a cloupe of months ago and it was great. I put a little agave nectar in and it gave it such a subtle taste. was so wholesome and satisfying.It'great for a sandwich or for just plain dipping into hummus.Loved it:)Oh. And they freeze very well also.

Animaisa 3 years ago

Wow, this place is gorgeous. I've been thniknig about leaving the east coast recently, and if this is what condos look like out west, that just might make the decision a little easier. So beautiful.

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