Choosing A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam toppers usually make up the top one to four inches of foam on a memory foam mattress. This topper is laminated to a five inch or more layer of foundational foam that has no memory properties but is stiffer and forms the support or core of the mattress. The memory foam on top works its magic by molding to body weight and sometimes body temperature to form a seamless contact point with your reclining body and thereby spreading the downward force of your body across its entire contact surface to reduce pressure points and provide balanced support.

So, what do you need in a memory foam? You need it to be able to suspend your body weight and cradle you in comfort along the contour of your body shape, without bottoming out and thereby creating pressure points. This is especially crucial for hip/shoulder alignment for all you side sleepers and spine/buttock/shoulder alignment for the back sleepers.

Memory Foam Topper Brands

Memory foam mattress toppers are a great way to add some comfort to an existing mattress that is too hard or whose built in topper has now outlived its usefulness. The only problem is that memory foam comes in a bewildering array of qualities, densities, ILD variations (Indentation Load Deflection or firmness) , prices and brands. Of course the reigning brand is the one that started it, namely Tempurpedic.

Although this brand was the first to come out with its own proprietary, high density, high latency, body heat sensitive memory foam there are now many others on the market with similar claims. Some of the brands you may have come across are "Sensus Memory Foam" which comes in 5 pound densities and rivals the feel of the Tempurpedic product. there is the "Nova-Form" brand of foam that is used extensively in Costco's line up of memory foam toppers like the novaform elite memory foam mattress topper. There are other brands that mainly sold through other retailers like "Dormia" or even the serta memory foam mattress topper that you see sometimes on Amazon or Overstock.

Beware of Cheap Memory Foam

When looking into branded memory foam toppers make sure you research where these foams are manufactured. It is important that the foam be certified as US made and if you're buying from or be aware that this type of information on the topper you're thinking of buying may be hard to come by. Memory foam made in America is regulated for consumer protection. This means that locally made memory foam will not have the flammable materials, clay density padders, and other chemical ingredients that are deemed hazardous. Most imported memory foam will not pass the strictest codes and guidelines that American made foam has to conform to. This often makes imported memory foam seem less expensive, but honestly, would you invest in memory foam made in China that might turn out to have some form of lead in it. I think not.

DIY Memory Foam Mattress

Many people who have heard of the "miraculous" way in which memory foam cradles the body while providing great support for spine, hips and shoulders long to own a memory foam bed. If you have back pain or if you are pregnant then a memory foam bed from a reputable manufacturer might be the way to go. many people on a budget that cannot spend $1800 and up on a memory foam bed opt to assemble it themselves. They get an inexpensive furniture foundation to hold the mattress and then buy the memory foam topper, foam foundation and mattress cover separately and put it together themselves. They may purchase two or more types of toppers from purveyors of discount memory foam mattress toppers to pair with their standard foam foundation layer to see which one suits their back.

Customized Memory Foam

It is often the case that instead of getting a single queen memory foam mattress topper you may opt to get two half queen cuts of memory foam but in different firmness's for each person's preference. It is very rare for two people sharing a bed whether queen size or larger to have the identical requirements when it comes to foam toppers. He may prefer a memory foam 3 inch mattress topper where she may prefer a two. Or she may prefer a 3.5 pound density with a 19 ILD rating and he may prefer a 5.5 pound density with a 23 ILD rating. Many online memory foam retailers allow you to pick and choose the type of memory foam that suits your needs and allow you to swap out memory foam topper layers till you find the one that's right for you.

How To Unpack Your Memory Foam

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