Choosing a Kitchen Island or a Peninsula

The shape and size of your kitchen will dictate whether you choose an island or a peninsula as part of the kitchen remodeling project. You have to first determine the overall size of the kitchen when it will be complete to be able to make the best decision. If your kitchen is less than ten feet wide, it would not be a good idea to have an island because you won’t have much room to move around it. The ideal sized kitchen would provide you at least four feet between the counter and the island on all four sides.

Kitchen Island

One of the features of installing a kitchen island that appeals to homeowners when doing kitchen remodelingis that the sink or cooktop can be installed in this section of the kitchen. It is best to install these features on the side that is closest to the counter where you prepare the food. Then you only have to turn around to reach the feature you need. The counter space on the island also provides you with additional workspace making it a very convenient place for the preparation of food as well.


You don’t need to have as much space in the kitchen if you choose a peninsula. It also makes a great dining area if you don’t have room for or want a table or breakfast nook. Stools placed on the opposite side of the peninsula from the general kitchen area will give you this feature. You can also install your sink and dishwasher in the peninsula to give you added space in the main counter area. Even though you don’t have to have as much space for a peninsula, it still won’t work well if your kitchen is quite small because it will make it feel smaller and give it a boxed in look.


The main factor to consider in all kitchen remodeling projects is to make the kitchen as functional as possible. It has to be an area where it is easy to work and where two or three people won’t get in each other’s way. This is what you have to determine in order to make the best choice between a kitchen island and a peninsula. Reflecting on the part of the kitchen where you work most of the time will help you in that decision.


The position of a kitchen island is most often the final choice if there is enough room. However, you have to look at the amount of traffic that this part of the house receives. This will help you determine the best placement for any appliances you want to install in the island. There is a work triangle in every kitchen where it seems that everyone tries to be at the same time. By incorporating some of the elements of this triangle, such as the cutlery drawers, in the island or the peninsula you can alleviate some of the problems that led you to the kitchen renovation.

The decision to include either an island or a peninsula in a kitchen is not as easy as it seems. The many factors that have to be considered assure you that you will be well-pleased with the result.

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