Choosing the Right Color for Your Kitchen Countertop

Natural stone kitchen countertops are available in almost all the possible colors and patterns. That won’t make it too easy for you to choose the color of your next countertop. However, if you consider the predominant colors in the rest of your kitchen, as then read the questions and answers below, you’ll be able to make up your mind more easily.

  • Can my new kitchen countertop be any color I like?

In general, marble and granite countertops are available in all the major colors, including shades of yellow, blue, green, red, earth tones and even pink. Certain manufacturers can offer even more exotic colors and shades. But you have to keep in mind that some shades are available in limited colors. You won’t find red or blue or green travertine anytime soon. So the availability of colors will be limited by the type of stone you choose.

  • On what factors should I base my decision?

A few things to keep in mind when choosing the color of your next countertop are the size, luminosity, and style of the kitchen. If you have other natural stone elements in your kitchen, such as flooring, you must consider those as well. You want your new countertops to stand out but also compliment the rest of the room.

  • What colors represent a safe choice?

Stick with neutral tones, they will go well with most kinds of furniture and fixtures. Choose these if you want a conventional countertop, or if you plan to resell your house later on. (Buyers prefer neutral colors.)

  • What color should I choose if I want my small kitchen to appear larger?

Light colors are best for you then. White marble or golden travertine are two excellent choices.

  • What color should I choose if I want to make my large kitchen cozier?

Darker colors can make your kitchen become more inviting and intimate. Dark countertops are best suited for large and well-lit kitchens.

  • What color should I choose for a countertop that’s going to be used a lot daily?

Dirt shows more clearly on countertops that come in a solid, polished color. Such countertops usually require more maintenance. Countertops that come with a pattern are easier to maintain.

  • What should I know about the veining of marble and granite countertops?

Veins in marble and granite are caused by the occurrence of minerals within the stone, and in many cases improve the look of the countertop, making it unique. Veining ads a special touch to countertops, and many customers find it highly desirable.

  • How reliable are color samples provided by the reseller?

A good reseller always strives to provide samples that are as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, you should not rush to make a purchase before actually seeing the countertop. Each stone is ultimately unique, and there will always be variations of color, especially when it comes to slates.

In the end remember that the quality of the material from which your kitchen countertop is made is more important than the color. Don’t ever put the color above the material.

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