Chrome Ceiling Lights

Out of all of the available choices, chrome ceiling lights are probably the most versatile for working in almost every room of the home.  There are thousands of different shapes, styles, and sizes of these lights, so a few dozen are bound to work with your home's design. 

Fortunately, figuring out which of these styles is best for your home is easy.  That will be the first part of the hub.

From there, I want to cover how to make sure that chrome is the right finish for your space.  I'll show you some massive design faux pas to avoid when using chrome, and some colors to avoid in the rest of the room.

Lastly, we'll discuss why chrome light fixtures tend to cost less when compared to those in other finishes.  If you don't know much about chrome, this stuff is important to know!

Choosing The Right Light Fixture

Picking out the right chrome light fixture is simple.  Start by grabbing a pen and a piece of paper.  From there, start jotting down any common shapes and angles that you're seeing in the room you want to install this into.  You are going to see some patterns in the lines and shapes that are recurring in this room. 

It's important that you look everywhere in the room.  That includes the lines on the floor, all the way up to the ceiling joints.  This is crucial for finding the light fixture that works perfectly in your space.

As soon as you wrap this up, and you have a dozen or so different things on your list, you have just created a feature list for your new light fixture.  The things that are recurring throughout your space are going to be what you want to find in the new chrome light that you install.  Now, that was easy, wasn't it?!

Chrome Faux Pas

While chrome ceiling lights are extremely versatile, there are a couple of things that you must avoid to make sure that your light looks great.

The first, and most common sense, is to make sure that there are no other metal surfaces in your space that are finished in copper, brass, or gold.  These colors, when contrasted against chrome, look terrible.  I know that this is just my opinion, but it's an opinion that's shared with the bulk of the population!  Avoid this at all costs!

Another thing to watch out for is pastel colors in a room that has chrome fixtures.  This is a much more minor problem, but can still cause an awkward look.  The problem is that pastel colors are too soft to reflect much in your light fixture, which causes the chrome to stand out and be very "loud" in the room.  Bold and stronger colors reflect back more, and cause the fixture to blend much better.

Why Do Chrome Ceiling Lights Cost Less?

While not every chrome ceiling light will cost less than a brass or stainless finish, they usually do.  Chrome fixtures generally start out as nickel, or other cheap compound, and are then dipped in a chrome finish.  Since they start out as a much less expensive raw material, they end up costing less.

The same principle goes for brushed nickel fixtures and some of the low end brass ones.

Chrome Ceiling Lights Are (almost) Always A Great Choice

As you can see (if you actually read this far!) chrome ceiling lights work great all over the home.  They are very versatile and affordable, and when you take the time to figure out which style is best for your space you are going to be very happy with yours for years to come.

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Maria Harris profile image

Maria Harris 6 years ago from Houston

Adding chrome ceiling lights to a contemporary style room is a great way to finish off the room's design.

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