City Life Vs. Country Life


Is it Better to Live in the City or Country?

The city is an exciting place, and although visiting the countryside can be ideal for vacations, having people nearby to help lend a hand can bring more peace of mind in terms of safety. It can be scary for a car to break down in the middle of nowhere, or to get lost down some long, winding road. Plus, the city always has something going on, such as events, new restaurants, and community outreach opportunities.

Where the most remote locations are unsafe, the same can be said of the inner-cities, whose crime rates are exponentially worse in places like Chicago, Miami, or Los Angeles. As a compromise, the suburbs offer just enough modern living mixed with ample space between neighbors, so that you can balance out urban with rural and not have to ever leave your locale. In such areas, there are wide selections of stores, jobs, and shorter commutes. Roads are generally easier to navigate (especially in inclement weather with road crews out plowing and laying down salt), and trash pick-up is scheduled weekly. Neighborhood crime watch units are enforced, and local fire and police stations ensure quicker emergency response times.

Living in the country sets you back from the frantic pace of the modern day. It can certainly be ideal for the more introverted of heart. And if you are not afraid of manual labor or becoming a Do-It-Yourself-er, not as many modern things are needed, thus saving you money. You can own more land and buy homes for less.

It all depends, then, on what your preference is on where you'd be happiest. If you thrive around lots of people, don't like being out in the Sun much, and aren't keen on driving through miles of cornfields just to get to the nearest shopping center, then city living would probably be ideal. But if you have anxiety attacks, consider yourself an outdoorsy person, or enjoy being around animals, your life may be complete in the heart of the country.

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bob 7 years ago

country is a hell of a lot better

mahn 7 years ago

country is BETTER

nashhath 6 years ago

i agree with your points and i must say that they are really fantastic!

maro 6 years ago

country is better

Jocelyn 6 years ago

City is the best! u can easily get done things in just a few minutes because you got everything u need.

sam 6 years ago

ya its true 6 years ago

country is better, country life in new millenium will never be like 1880's. Nowadays there is a solar power, we have mobile phones, we have satelite dish. Even here AFRIKA you enjoy a lot in country life . Many means of transport a lot of bicycle,motor cycle. and a lot to enjoy .Lets turn back to our foundation. roots more natural more organic food , more physical activity.

catherine 6 years ago

The country is way better. Instead of listening to buses and trains 24/7 and not having enough room to breathe. In the country I can breath I can have my animals the only down side is theres not much spprentice chef jobs

. As soon as I get a job in the country im moving there asap . I will feel free and happy 6 years ago

I am about to stop working here in the city . in a very very near future . ihave already bought a piece of land 40 acres . servant quarters is going on in the farm . cows already are there and many more . yeah back to my roots to the foundation . country life is better .

Lucy 6 years ago

You all make good points. I'm 100% torn between both, grew up in royal parts of british country side and now living in london. But my thoughts of it is... Ok london can offer markets, galleries, exhibitions, theatre etc but how many people can afford to do that all the time? It's all consumer hobbies and activities, what happened to thinking for yourself? Don't get me wrong I love those things, but to me that sounds as restricting as the countryside can be?

fidelis 6 years ago

I have been in London,manchester 2006. But to me what i have learned is that nowadays country life is almost the same as city life even here Africa . and anytime you want to vist exthibitions,theatre you may drive and back to country. NO STRESS, NO POLLUTION etc.

Devin 6 years ago

I've lived in both the city and coutry. The choices are difficult indeed and points can be argued to either side. But I'm confident that the best decision at least for me in something in between because I like beauty and nature, but the convenience and openminded people of the city are also spoiling and have become a necessity to my happiness. That's why I believe San Diego maybe the perfect place to settle i pretty much grew up there :)

Erik 6 years ago

I think it is much heather to live in the country no GAS in the air every time you breath. I very strongly dislike the city.


mahek 6 years ago

city is better as it has many good facilities.

farah 6 years ago

country is a hell of a lot better

Stellaaaa. 5 years ago

im only fairly young, but i know that the country is deffinately better. i like the fresh air, having animals just outside and not having noisy neighbours right up against you.



unknown 5 years ago

Ive always liked the country, but now that i read this, i agree. Good points and state facts! Very well-written.

BlaketheCakeintheLake 5 years ago

I live in the country, therefore it is much better.

jomama 5 years ago

after reading this essay, because i also have to right one of my own, i honestly believe that country life is better... there aren't any people to tell you what to do, when to do it etc. i personally enjoy being around farm animals instead of people...but then again, thanks to this argument, you don't want to be lonely and away from people.

hi 5 years ago

I totally prefer country.

Hello 5 years ago

I like the city more because i feel more at home

Jefferson Tx 5 years ago

I think the country life is better i've been in the country all of my life. I have also visited the city a lot,to visit I love it but I wouldn't want to live there its too much going on and to noisy i'd rather deal with the animals and fresh air.

yakker 5 years ago

It depends on the City, and how far out in the country you live. I will say your writing skills are very good...

town or country?

Anthony 5 years ago

I live in the suburbs, but damn do I want to live the good ol country life, I get out there every chance I get, and Im definatley movin out there ASAP

felixeo 5 years ago

country is better i agree

bRIGHTMOON 4 years ago


Momo 4 years ago


Nicole 4 years ago

Just moved from the city and I have to agree country life is much better! The people are so awesome, I love the open area and love the great views! Also my dogs love it here!

Martha 4 years ago


Partha 4 years ago

afterall city is best

KEVIN 21 YEARS 4 years ago


Collin 4 years ago

Country life is way better. In the country, you can hunt, ride ATVs, drive tractors, etc. I live on a dairy farm and i LOVE it! Me and my friends have tailgate parties, go to tractor pulls and a bunch of other stuff. In the city, (inner city), all i see is a bunch of "gangstas" wearing their pants down to their ankles, jackets 4 sizes to big, and stupid flat brimed hats. Now in the metro, its all cars, buses, and taxies. Every building is about 2 feet away from each other. And all i hear there is stupid rap and hiphop music being blared. In the country, there is no drugs, no crime, and no pollution. The Country will kick the city's ass!

eekamouz profile image

eekamouz 3 years ago from Oregon

I was born and raised in a large city, spent my high school years in a farm community of less than 3,000 people, and over the past 30 years have lived in both cities and small college towns. There's good in all places, and I've developed an appreciation for both city and country. Given the choice I prefer living in a small college town not far from a big city (only 2 hrs away) and where it's easy to get out into the very rural areas, and is only an hour's drive from the beach...and I've lived there for 12 years now. It's called Corvallis, Oregon

cowboys21 3 years ago

A country life is a lot better then a city life

Jessicajerink 3 years ago

TOTALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE THE COUNTRY. ITS so much better, wide open spaces, peace with no noise, happiness, small town people with small town beliefs and everybody helps everybody out. animals are more friendly. its so much better. I have lived in the country before, and its been the best time of my life.

AnnaCountryGirl 3 years ago

Country is way better. Peace and quiet, space for cattle, a place of your own. Can't beat that.

gggj 3 years ago

i love to live in the city

raquelle148 profile image

raquelle148 2 years ago

Since I love nature so country is better.

MattBasic 2 years ago

Country is way better you have so much more for so little. Ya you may have to drive a lot but its nice for people who like to drive and enjoy the nice country landscape. And well water. but that's what you get for buying a house in the country.

Dink 2 years ago

The country sucks! Stupid rednecks and their pointless country music. Most of them know how to tear apart a car engine better than they can spell their own name. Oh, and they are very closeminded and racist as well. If you don't like Obama, move to Canada, you moronic hilljacks. I will take my city over your country any day.

country's girl not happy being suck 24 months ago

How is the country better? I have lived in the country for 24 years and nothing has helped me here. No, transportation you have to go miles to find a job. There's only farms and if there is any businesses they are family business and can't hire anyone.

Another problem with the country, people quit school everyone is so blinded they don't understand that there's so much more in life than just drinking, bonfires and all this nonsense life is okay to be not rich but, you have to have money and being in a place where there is no jobs or hard to find a job, how are you supposed to survive? The US are dealing more overseas so, sooner or later these farmers are going to be out of work so, tell me what they're going to do when they have nothing to survive on.

no name 8 months ago

country is better

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