Clean Your CD/DVD Lens

A dirty CD/DVD player lens may play CDs but not DVDs.

Like any type of lens, a CD/DVD drive's lens needs to be cleaned periodically. The covering of the laptop's CD/DVD lens is fragile, so use lens cleaning papers designed for camera lenses, or a cleaning disk with brushes.

Get Ready to Clean

Open the CD/DVD tray and locate the CD/DVD lens under the tray holding the CD or DVD. It is a small hemisphere of clear plastic mounted so it can reach all of the rotating information tracks on a disk through a hole in the bottom of the tray.

Cleaning the Lens

Use a piece of lens-cleaning paper to brush off any dust that may be on the CD/DVD lens. Do not use paper towels or any cloth with particles that could scratch the lens. You can also use a commercial CD/DVD lens cleaner disk made for use in laptop computers. Follow the cleaning directions on the package.

Checking the Lens

Insert a CD or DVD known to play correctly and note any problems that occur. If the drive will play a CD, but the DVD will not play correctly, try cleaning the lens a second time. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the lens assembly or the entire player.

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